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About the S. Takata Memorial Research Library

Building no. 2, which contains the S. Takata Memorial Research Library, (Takata Library for short) was built as the Waseda University Library in 1925, and expanded in 1934 and again in 1955. Once the Central Library was opened on the site of the former Abe Memorial Baseball Field in 1991, we decided to utilize the stacks in Building no. 2 to establish a new research library that would house the research collections of the faculty libraries of the School of Political Science and Economics, the School of Law, the School of Commerce, the School of Education, the School of Social Sciences, and related institutional libraries on the Waseda Campus. The refurbished S. Takata Memorial Research Library was opened as the research library of the Waseda campus on 1 April 1994, named after TAKATA Sanae (1860-1938), one of the four founding figures of Waseda University, who served as the first and the third president of the University. By 2006, the stacks were already full with more than 520,000 volumes, so books on arts, languages, and literature were transferred to the Central Library. The Takata Library now serves as a research library for the social sciences.

The entrance to the library is on the third floor of the building, which you can reach through the south entrance of building no. 2, where the statues of a pair of sheep* are placed. (The north entrance leads to the Aizu Yaichi Memorial Museum.) The library comprises eight floors of open stacks and is for the use of faculty, staff, and graduate students of the University. For other users, please see the User Guide.

* The pair of stone sheep at the south entrance of the building belongs to the Gordon collection of the Central Library.

  • Books: approximately 500,000 volumes(Japanese books 190,000 volumes, foreign books 310,000 volumes.)
  • Area: 3668 square meters
  • Capacity: 111 seats (4 in the faculty reading room, 31 in the common reading space, 52 in the graduate student reading room, 24 in the group reading room.)
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