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課外活動の制限について(第7報)/Restrictions on Extracurricular Activities (April 16, 2021)

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April 16, 2021

Dean of Student Affairs


Restrictions on Extracurricular Activities (April 16, 2021)


Dear Students,


In the message by President Tanaka on April 11, we will continue to offer face-to-face classes as much as possible even after the Quasi-emergency Coronavirus Measures are applied in Tokyo. The increase in face-to-face classes in the spring semester has brought a lot of student energy back to our campus, which is something not only students but also faculty and staff have longed for since last year. We consider the continuation of face-to-face classes to be the highest priority.


We consider the risk of spreading of COVID19 is limited in face-to-face classes when we take throughout prevention measure. However, prolonged stays in crowded places, eating and drinking, and frequent contact with the general public can cause a rapid spread of infection on our campus. After the emergency declaration was lifted in March, we find there has been an increase in the number of our students affected.


For this reason, we have reviewed its policy on countermeasures against COVID-19 and decided to strengthen university-wide infection prevention measures. As part of this policy, the following restrictions will be placed on extracurricular activities for all students. This policy is valid for the time being. Restrictions may be relaxed if the infection decrease significantly. With no end currently in sight for the infectious disease, we would like to ensure that procedures are put in place so that students can attend school with peace of mind. We would be grateful for your cooperation and understanding during these challenging times so that together we can make every effort to prevent COVID infections.


・Please keep silent when you have a meal on and off campus, and we strictly prohibit get-togethers, drinking parties, launches, etc. (including voluntary gatherings by circle members).

・In principle, participation in competitions and events held off-campus are prohibited. However, this does not apply to online participation. If there are unavoidable circumstances, please consult with the Student Affairs Section in advance.

・As a general rule, only events delivered online with no spectators will be accepted. However, if the university grants special permission, the event may be held with restrictions on the number of participants and limitation of eligible participants. Please consult with the Student Affairs Section in advance.

・You can continue your “practice” activities and use of facilities such as Waseda University Student Center. However, please refrain from moving across prefectural borders whenever possible.


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