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【募集終了】3週間オンラインコース 学生参加者募集 / Call for students’ applications for 3 weeks online learning course :U21 Global Citizenship

Call for Students’ applications for 3 weeks online learning course :U21 Global Citizenship
3週間短期オンラインコース 学生参加者募集のお知らせ:U21 Global Citizenshipコース

Universitas 21(U21)は、世界を代表する27の研究大学から構成される国際大学コンソーシアムとして、1997年に設立されました。本学は今日、本邦唯一の加盟大学としてU21の様々な活動に参画しています。
Universitas 21 (U21) is an international network of 27 leading research-intensive universities founded in 1997. Waseda University has been a member of Universitas21 Network from Japan and contributing a various U21 activities.

  1. U21 Global Citizenshipコースの概要/ Overview of course
    The course is open to 2,000 students across the U21 global network of 27 universities, spanning 18 countries and 19 time zones. Throughout the programme participants will engage with and learn from students across the globe. Please note that this is provided by U21 and is Not a Waseda regular course. The three-week programme launches on Monday 29 March 2021. Each week requires a minimum of 3 hours of online learning that you can complete in your own time. In addition at the end of weeks 1 and 2 there are real-time, online reflection workshops, where you will draw on the learning from that week and engage in discussions with other students from across the globe.  Successful completion of the programme and all activities will earn you the Global Citizenship micro-credential which you can display on your LinkedIn profile, demonstrating that you have developed the skills to tackle complex global issues and stand up as a leader.
    Students who are willing to participate in this programme must read the guidebook.
  2. コース期間/Course dates
    Three-week program from Monday 29 March 2021
  3. 申込期限/Application dates
    Direct applications to U21 via Application form stated below by 15th March 2021
    Application form:
  4.  コース費用/Cost
    No cost to members or students, U21 are covering the full cost of this opportunity.
  5. 定員/Spaces available
    Initially there are 75 spaces per member institution available.
  6. 申請資格/Eligibility
    Any regular undergraduate and postgraduate students
    All applicants must be over the age of 18 at the time of the course start date.
    Please note students who have previous completed U21 Global Citizenship (Oct 2020) will not be eligible to take part again
  7. 語学要件/Language Requirements
    Ability to read, write, speak and listen fluently English is a must.
  8. 備考/Notes
    Please note that this course which U21 initiates is not situated as Waseda regular courses. Therefore, classes in the Spring Semester at Waseda University are given a priority. Please be aware that absences or tardiness in regular Waseda courses due to this course will not be permitted.
  9. 問い合わせ/Inquiry
    If you have any queries about the application process, please email mailto:[email protected]
    It is also welcomed to contact U21 Waseda team([email protected]) if you want to ask U21 general information.
  10. 参照/Reference
    Hear from previous participants in our Global Citizens blog, vlog and on Linkedin
    U21 Global Citizenship
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