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【Urgent】Graduate student recruitment for the tadTalks at Qatar University

Waseda University is now looking for a candidate about this particular program who has either just graduated or is graduating this semester but has completed the thesis research to join us. This opportunity is also available for a PhD student who has completed a Master’s thesis at Waseda and is now working on the PhD.

The graduate event, the first of its kind, provides a platform for showcasing the resilience and perseverance required of graduate students to complete impactful research that addresses global challenges. With nine countries being represented, twelve exceptional graduate students will have ten minutes each to emphasize a particular challenge they had to overcome in their research and what strategies they used to come out on top. Following the individual sessions, tad speakers will participate in a panel where members of the audience will have the opportunity to ask question.

1. Duration: QU would like the participants to arrive in Doha on April 21st. There will be an orientation, rehearsal, and tours on the 22nd and the main events will be the 23rd and 24th. Participants can leave Doha either the evening of the 24th or morning of the 25th.
2. Cost: QU will take care of the tickets and hotel accommodations; Also, QU will be providing several breakfasts, lunches, and dinners as part of the event programming, so most food will also be covered during the stay.
3. Presentation: The presentations for graduate students will be held on April 23rd, and each talk will be exactly 15 min addressing a challenge(s) the student faced during the research process and what strategies were used to overcome those obstacles. There will also be a 1 hour panel discussion with all graduate student speakers at the end of the day.
4. Application: CIE, Waseda will nominate a student to represent their university. Mostly, QU is looking for a graduate student who is charismatic and a confident speaker that can express some of the challenges that goes along with doing impactful research. Although there is no requirement for the background of the speaker, given our recent agreements with Waseda, it may be nice to have a student with an interest in Islamic area studies.
5. Accommodation: Students will be staying in a hotel, which QU will be responsible for arranging. Also, all transportation will be arranged by the university including pickup from the airport, to and from the hotel, and for the tours as part of the event

Forum Agenda

【Internal Application Deadline】till 16:00, February 28th,2019
【Internal Applicant Screening】
Ahead of your further inquiry toward the CIE office, please read through all of the relevant information including a) terms & conditions, b) application procedure, c) application materials, on the bottom of this page. You need to submit all the documents (except documents for overseas travel insurance), described in b) application procedure, to the Waseda Global Gate at the first floor of the 22nd building of Waseda until 16:00 April 19th, 2019. We expect you to write your essay for internal screening in English.
Although we would like to choose the best candidate(s) based on your submission, we may, furthermore, rely on your GPA scores or an interview if required. If you successfully acquire your position as a candidate, you will follow the next procedures for both nomination (by the CIE office, Waseda) and application (on your own) toward the partner university after our internal applicant screening, we would like to send you an email about your result as soon as possible.

The CIE office requests you to submit the following documents to the Waseda Global Gate at the 1st floor of the 22nd building 

Essay: 200~300 words with free format
Student ID card
English Language Certificate (TOEFL etc.)
A Copy of Your passport
Overseas travel insurance, advised by the CIE office later

Please don’t miss this excellent opportunity to work as a representative of  Waseda.

From the CIE office, Waseda University

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