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Please check exam dates, application guide and application on the web page of “EIKEN (Test in Practical English Proficiency)”.
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Students who wish to enter universities or colleges in UK, Australia and New Zealand may have their English proficiency evaluated through the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) instead of TOEFL test. Taking the IELTS may be required of applicants of certain nationalities in the screening process in order for the applicants to obtain a visa. The test consists of four sections: reading (60 min), writing (60 min), listening (40 min), and speaking (11-14 min). These four elements are separately scored on each section using a band scale scoring system to arrive at the total score of for the four sections. A score between 6.0 and 6.5 is required for admission into universities and colleges of the three abovementioned countries. The fee is 25,380 yen (including tax).

【Important Notice】We are sorry that we are unable to operate the IELTS exams at Waseda University , in the academic year 2020, in order to avoid the spread of the COVIS-19 infections among test-takers. If you need to urgently take a test, we would like to recommend you that you would take tests at other venues around your towns.

Computer-delivered IELTS(CD IELTS)

As the British Council introduces the Computer-delivered IELTS(CD IELTS), CIE would like to disseminate the following information among Waseda students in order for more Waseda students to be able to challenge thier study-abroad programs in the future.

1. Information page

2. Application system

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