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Study Abroad Student Advisers

The Study Abroad Student Advisers is a team of volunteers organized by Waseda students that belongs to the Center for International Education. All the volunteer members have at least a year of study abroad experience with programs offered by the Center for International Education at Waseda University. Our main purpose is to give prospective study abroad students advise based on our own experiences. We also hold various events for Waseda students to not only promote study abroad programs, but also to stimulate interest for going overseas.

Former study abroad student introduction system

Former study abroad students, who are study abroad student advisors on this list can be introduced to you.

If you wish to get an introduction to a former study abroad student, apply through the MyWASEDA application form.

Please be sure to read the following before you apply.

1.  The Study Abroad Student Advisers is a team of students who have come back to Japan after finishing study abroad programs offered by CIE, which lasted at least a semester. We cannot introduce students who have studied abroad in short-term programs, programs offered by departments (including departmental exchange programs), programs other than those offered by CIE, such as privately financed programs.

2. Each student may use this system one time only, and the number of student advisers introduced will be a maximum of three.

3. Any communication/exchanges of personal information after introduction, between you and the study abroad student adviser should be done on your own responsibility.

4. Study abroad application procedures within the university and the host university may change depending on the academic year. While taking advice from your study abroad student adviser, please be sure to gather the latest information.

5.Please note that we will not be able to introduce any students who are not included in the list.

E-mail: [email protected]

How to register for study abroad student adviser


① Students who have come back to Japan after finishing at least a semester of study abroad program offered by CIE. ※(excluding short-term programs, programs offered by departments {including departmental exchange programs}, privately financed programs)

② Students who are interested in the promotion of study abroad, and can vigorously participate in study abroad student adviser activities.

③ Responsible students who have a sense of commitment and can give advice to potential study abroad students throughout the year.
After your registration, the CIE will send you information on future activities. We look forward to your active participation!


Study abroad student adviser E-mail: [email protected]

Study Abroad Student Advisor SNS

Follow ” RYUGAKUMA ” (study abroad bear), the Study Abroad Student Advisor mascot character, for the latest information and regular updates to help your studies abroad!


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