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For MEXT Scholarship Program

This is a scholarship offered by the “Monbukagasho” or the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). There are a few different types of MEXT scholarship and here we will be mainly explaining about the MEXT scholarship of “Embassy Recommendation”.

Generally, MEXT students of Embassy Recommendation will enter the university as non-degree research students. In order to become regular degree students of MA, MBA or PhD courses, MEXT students have to accept and pass the entrance examinations of their desired graduate school during the period as non-degree research students. The designated period as non-degree research students is two years for those who enter the university from Spring semester (from April to March of the year after the next), and 1.5 year for those who enter the university from Fall semester (from September to March of the year after the next).

In addition to accepting and passing the entrance examinations of the desired graduate school, MEXT students also need to satisfy certain conditions specified by the MEXT. We will explain in detail about these rules after your arrival in Japan at the orientation held by our office, the Center for International Education.

Recruitment for the MEXT scholarship (Embassy Recommendation) is held at overseas Japanese embassies or consulates. Application procedures and deadlines differ per country but in general, recruitment is held during spring for those who plan on going the following year.

The first selection process at the embassy or consulate is called Primary Screening and is usually held around summer (*1). Upon passing the Primary Screening it will be necessary to apply for a “Letter of Acceptance” by directly contacting and sending necessary documents (*2) to your desired university. For more information please check with your home country’s Japanese embassy or consulate.

*1  It is not necessary to obtain an acceptance from your desired supervisor when you apply for the Primary Screening at your Japanese embassy or consulate.
*2  Documents necessary for application of Letter of Acceptance may be different depending on your desired university. In the case of Waseda University, please refer to the next question.

After passing the Primary Screening held by the Japanese embassy or consulate, candidates who wish to enter our university as a MEXT student need to apply for a “Letter of Acceptance” from our university.
In order to apply for a Letter of Acceptance, please fill out the “Application Form for a Letter of Acceptance”* with the necessary information, upload all application documents (PDF or Word format) and submit.:

(Documents needed for Application)
1. Passing Certificate of the First Screening
2. Application form
3. Field of Study and Research Plan
4. Academic transcript for all academic years of university attended (undergraduate and above) in English or Japanese
5. Certificate of graduation (or completion) or degree certificate of the university attended (undergraduate and above) in English or Japanese. If you have yet to finish your course at the time of application and is expected to graduate/complete, submit a certificate of prospective graduation (or completion).
6. Recommendation letter from the president/dean or the academic advisor at the current or last university attended
7. Abstracts of theses, etc. (*Only if submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission)
8. Certificate of language proficiency (e.g. JLPT/TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS certificate in Japanese or English)
9. Letter of recommendation from your current superior at your place of work (*Only if submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission).
10. *The following only concerns MEXT-ASCOJA students: If you are an ASCOJA recommended MEXT-ASCOJA student, please submit documents that prove you are such a student by submitting a certificate (letter of recommendation), a written oath to ASJA (Asia Japan Alumni) International, etc.
e.g.: The Letter of the Japanese-Language preparatory education (ASCOJA)
*Note) If you are NOT a MEXT-ASCOJA student, you do not need to submit these documents.
FYR: ASJA (ASJA International)


* How to register information on the Application Form for a Letter of Acceptance: Click on the “申請/Submit” button in the center of the page, type in your information for each question and attached required images, click on the “保存/Save” button in the lower right-hand corner, and click on “はい/Yes”.

  • It is not necessary to contact your desired supervisor beforehand.
  • Documents submitted to the Japanese Embassy must have a confirmation seal. Even if there is no seal on the documents, you will still need to submit the returned documents from the Embassy.
  • Please take note that documents with unclear or illegible letterings and images will not be accepted as application documents.
  • Your desired research professor must be affiliated with your desired graduate school. You may check each professor’s affiliation via each graduate school homepage.

Information regarding our graduate schools:
Information regarding our researchers:
Application guidelines of our graduate schools: MEXT_Embassy_recommendation_2022

  • For applicants who are not native English speaker but wish to study in English, submission of a certificate of English proficiency is in principle necessary. If you have not obtained any certificate of English proficiency, please submit a support letter composed by a professor who can prove your English proficiency. If English is the medium of instruction in your university (meaning that the courses are provided entirely in English), a paper issued by your university proving this point could also serve as a certificate of English proficiency.

Application form:

Application Form for a Letter of Acceptance

The maximum size of a file that can be attached is 30MB. There is no need to send them by post.

Application Deadline  *updated on June 11, 2021

23:59, Friday, August 27, 2021 (Japan time)
* The application form must be submitted online.

  • Please note that we are not able to accept requests after the deadline.
  • We are not able to process the documents and inquiries during the closed period of our offices from August 7 to 16 for a summer vacation.
  • The process of the application for Letter of Acceptance usually takes around one month, so it is highly recommended that you give yourself plenty of time.
  • The result of your application will be notified through the e-mail address you entered in the application form.


After submitting the “Letter of Acceptance” issued from our university to your local Japanese embassy or consulate, you will move onto the next selection process. However, a “Letter of Acceptance” issued by Waseda University does not guarantee that you will be placed at our university.

The final decision for university placements will be decided by the MEXT and notified to each university around December into February of the next year. In addition, university placement will be notified by the MEXT to the applicant via each embassy or consulate and cannot be notified by the university itself.

For those who are officially selected to be placed at Waseda University, we will inform you of orientation dates and housing options around early February if you are entering the university from Spring semester, or early July if you are entering from Fall semester. The information will be sent to the email address provided on your Information Sheet, so please make sure to check your email box periodically.

Ordinarily when MEXT students come to Japan they spend their first 6 months accepting Japanese courses at a language institution, and then enter the university and accept the professional courses in corresponding graduate schools.

However, at Waseda University you are able to accept the professional courses at your graduate school and take Japanese classes offered at Waseda University’s Center for Japanese Language from the beginning or your arrival. (If admitted to Waseda University’s Graduate School of Information, production and Systems (IPS) on Kitakyushu Campus, you can take Japanese classes provided at Kitakyushu Campus).

Nevertheless, Japanese classes are not mandatory since many of our graduate schools provide English curriculum. If your classes and/or research are conducted in English, you may decide if you would like to attend Japanese classes or not.

For these risks we do not recommend in taking any graduate school entrance examinations before being granted the entitlement as a MEXT student and officially placed to Waseda University. However, if you are coming to Japan from fall semester, there may be time to take the entrance examination for the regular course, as there is plenty of time between the decision as to placement at our university and arrival to Japan. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Center for International Education (CIE) Office.

Waseda Summer Session

Starting June 2014, Center for International Education has been offering 4-week summer sessions for international students and Waseda students at the undergraduate level.

Short-term Inbound Study Program

Throughout the year, we at Waseda University host many short-term study abroad programs for incoming international undergraduate/graduate levels from the participating partner universities listed below.

These programs are planned and practiced according to the needs of each partner university. We have been accepting many international students through various fields: Japanese language education, Japanese culture/society/history, academic interactions with Waseda’s faculty/students, and field studies in places such as Kyoto/Kamakura.

  • Harvard University summer school
  • Yale University summer session
  • Lund University Winter course
  • Training Program for Japanese Language Learners from Regional Universities (The Sasakawa Peace Foundation)
  • Thammasat University field study
  • Chulalongkorn University field study

Short-term Japanese Program

Center for Japanese Language has been offering 3-week/ 6-week “Short-term Japanese Programs” since Academic year 2012. Please refer to Center for Japanese Language webpage for details.

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