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Japanese Language Courses (for Overseas Students)

Overseas Students are required to obtain at least 24 credits from Japanese language courses offered by the Center for Japanese Language before graduation. While JCulP is an English-based program, Overseas Students are required to take Japanese as a foreign language. Japanese language skills will enhance Overseas Students’ ability to absorb knowledge concerning Japanese culture, and to deepen their understanding.

Overseas Students can also take courses taught in Japanese. (Japanese courses at the University do not set any requirements regarding linguistic proficiency; however, students are responsible for ensuring that their Japanese skills are sufficient for the courses they take.)

Process for taking Japanese language courses

Japanese language courses offered at the Center for Japanese Language are divided into eight levels according to the students’ levels of proficiency. Students can select courses that match their skill levels and goals. “Comprehensive Japanese” courses provide comprehensive and intensive language studies at each proficiency level, and the “Theme Courses” cover a variety of topics.
Students should plan their schedule from their first year to obtain at least 24 credits by the time they graduate.

Examples of Japanese language courses

Courses are grouped into the following basic categories, with classes offered for students in each proficiency level. Students can select classes according to their own levels of proficiency.
Note: For more details, please see the Japanese Course Registration Guide of Center for Japanese Language website.

Category Overview Credit(s) Level
Comprehensive Japanese Learn Japanese comprehensively and develop the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills required in academic and daily-life activities. The number of classes per week differs by level. 3 or 5 1–6
Kanji Course Gain knowledge related to Kanji and practice reading and writing Kanji. 1 1–5
Japanese for ‘Zero’ Beginner A Japanese Language course for absolute beginners. 1 0
Theme Course Study Japanese language along with its culture and society.
* Details of this course are listed on the Japanese Course Registration Guide of Center for Japanese Language website.
1 or 3 1-8


Theme Course

There are over 250 “Theme Course” covering topics on Japanese language, culture and society. Students acquire Japanese language skills through learning about specific topics. These courses employ a wider range of learning activities, rather than a framework focused on acquisition of specific skills such as conversation or reading comprehension. There are courses with 1, 3 or 5 class periods per week. The “Japanese Themed Subjects” are categorized according to the keywords listed below. Keywords describe the features of the courses to help students select courses that match their interest.


Reading/writing/speaking/listening/grammar/vocabulary/pronunciation/kanji/politeness strategy/research/creation/thinking/society and culture/literature/movie, drama, entertainment/living/jobs/oneself/academic/science and technology

Note: For more details, please see the Center for Japanese Language website

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