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For international students who wish to study at the School of Culture, Media and Society (CMS), we offer the following study abroad programs, which operate under Inter-University or Inter-Faculty agreements.

Study Abroad Exchange Program

This program gives students an opportunity to study at CMS for half a year or a full year (this period depends on the agreement that applies). A number of courses are offered in English, which provides opportunities for study to students who do not possess a high level of Japanese language ability. Students who participate in this program have priority over domestic students in terms of such matters as course registration and accommodation arrangements.

Double Degree Program

This program allows you to receive a degree at the CMS while you remain registered at your university, provided you satisfy all the necessary requirements. You will study at CMS for a full year, or a year and a half, depending on the relevant agreement. Since a certain number of credits is required before a degree can be granted by the CMS, this program demands a very high level of academic performance.

Entrance examination for international students

The School of Culture, Media and Society offers admission through a variety of testing procedures. For foreign nationals, programs are listed as below; others are described in detail on the Japanese page.

  • For more information on the Admissions Office (AO) Entrance Examination, please click here Open new window
  • For more information on Pre-arrival Admission, please click here Open new window
  • Recommendation Admissions(South Korea: 2009 Academic Year~)
  • Recommendation Admissions(China: 2010 Academic Year~)


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International student data

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