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Issuance of Certificates

For details on the issuance of certificates, see below for a list of the types of certificates that are available and a description of the procedures involved. You must make the application yourself by presenting your student ID card. Applications by proxy are not accepted. If there is a valid reason why you cannot make an application yourself, you need to contact the Administrative Office in advance.

Types of Certificates Available

Certificate Remarks
Certificate of Enrollment
Certificate of Expected Graduation
Certificate of Graduation
Transcript/Certificate of Expected Graduation
Transcript/Certificate of Graduation
Available in both Japanese and English
Health Checkup Report Available in Japanese only

Other Certificates

  • Certificate of Expected Acquisition of Teaching License and Certificate of Acquisition of Credits Required for Teaching License
  • Report on Academic Records

Certificate Issuance Procedures

Using an Automated Certificate-Issuing Machine

  1. Insert your student ID card into the slot of the automated certificate-issuing machine.
  2. Enter your MyWaseda password.
  3. Enter the type of certificate and the number of copies that you want.
  4. Pay the fee (300 for a Health Checkup Report and 200 for all other certificates).
  5. The certificate is issued.

Note: For details on the locations and service hours of the automated certificate-issuing machines, see Waseda’s IT Service Navi.

– You will need your MyWaseda password.

– The following certificates are available from automated certificate-issuing machines: Certificate of Enrollment; Transcript; Certificate of Expected Graduation; Transcript/Certificate of Expected Graduation; Certificate of Expected Acquisition of Teaching License; and Health Checkup Report (available in Japanese only).

Other certificates are issued at the Administrative Office.

Submitting an Application for Certificate Issuance

  1. Fill out the “Application for Certificate Issuance.”
  2. Pay the fee using the handling fee payment machine and attach the handling fee payment sticker to the “Application for Certificate Issuance.”
  3. Submit your student ID card and the completed “Application for Certificate Issuance to the Administrative Office.”
  4. The certificate is issued.

– If you bring a qualification certificate or a form designated by other institutions to the Administrative Office, it will take at least one week for your certificate to be issued.

– Depending on the time of year, it may take a considerable amount of time for certain types of certificates, such as the Certificate of Graduation, to be issued.

Procedures for Issuance of the Student Discount Coupon (Student Travel Fare Discount Certificate)

  1. Insert your student ID card into the slot of the automated certificate-issuing machine.
  2. Enter your MyWaseda password.
  3. Enter the purpose of use.
  4. The student discount coupon is issued.

Note: You can obtain a maximum of 4 student discount coupons (valid for three months) per day and 10 per year.

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