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Student Dormitories

There are two types of dormitories available to Waseda students: University operated dormitories (Waseda International Student House WISH, Higashi-Fushimi Student Dormitory, Ichijima Kinen Sendagi Student Dormitory) and University affiliated dormitories.

University operated dormitories

  • Waseda International Student House WISH
  • Higashi-Fushimi Student Dormitory
  • Ichijima Kinen Sendagi Student Dormitory

University affiliated dormitories

  • Waseda University International Dormitories (WID) operated by Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd.
  • Espoir Mejiro operated by Waseda University Property Management Corp.
  • Waseda University Recommended Dormitories operated by Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd.

Some dormitories screen students. Please also note that vacant rooms are limited and not all students are able to enter the dormitory.

See the Residence Center website for more information

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