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Updated on July 24


(Course name: “A” to “Z”) *If a course has a date in the “addition/update” section, make sure to check the course information.

Regular Examinations

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Term Papers

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Posted on June 30 (Course name: “A” to “Z”)

Dishonest Acts Related to Reports

Dishonest Acts Related to Reports (Warning)

Dishonest Acts Related to Reports (Dishonest Acts and Plagiarism)


Examination for Absentees

Information on the Examination for Absentees

Examination for Absentees: An alternative examination for students who are absent from an examination (Examination during the regular classes period / Regular Examination) due to unavoidable circumstances

Updated Information
Posted on July 21 Schedule and Application Procedure of Pending Examinations
Types of Examinations for Absentees

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