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Curriculum Overview and Credit Requirements

1) Credits

Students are required to obtain 124 credits to graduate from the undergraduate program. JCulP requires Japan Students(JS) to obtain at least 88 credits from courses taught in English, and the remaining credits may be obtained through courses taught in languages other than English. Overseas Students(OS) are required to take Japanese language courses; however, all other credits required for graduation may be fulfilled by taking courses taught in English.

2) Courses

Of the six majors offered in the School of Culture, Media and Society, JCulP students are required to pursue the Transcultural Studies major. Students take Advanced Seminars starting in the second year. Japan Students take the Research Seminar starting in the third year, and Overseas Students take it starting in the second half of the second year. Fourth-year students write a seminar thesis. Students may take courses shared with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (“bridge courses”: approximately 1,000 available courses), as well as courses offered in other Schools, or the Global Education Center (GEC) courses that are open to students of any Schools within the University. Theses courses provide ample opportunities for students to interact with non-JCulP students.

3) Quarter System

JCulP operates on a quarter system. It is possible to participate in a summer session at another institution or a long-term internship program from around July to September 20th. The program is also considering organizing a study tour in Japan, as well as a homestay program and other programs in collaboration with regional governments during this period.

4) Recognition of Credits Acquired Before Admission

Credits acquired by JCulP students admitted as regular students in the first year of the School of Culture, Media and Society before they were admitted from other schools of Waseda University and other universities (including technical and other colleges) are recognized as credits necessary for graduation from their schools if an application is filed by the students themselves during the designated period and the credits are deemed appropriate by the faculty committee. Students who wish to request recognition of credits must perform the necessary procedures within the designated period after carefully reading the following guidelines.


Required Seminars

Students are required to enroll in the seminars during Spring, Fall, and Winter Quarters of their 1st year. Japan students will enroll in the Spring Quarter to learn the essentials of university studies (the basics of how to write a thesis paper and conduct research) in English. Overseas students will join the Japan students in the Fall and Winter Quarters to learn the practical skills of making presentations, developing discussions, and writing papers while dealing with specific topics.

Academic Skills in English (only for Japan Students)

Japan students will enroll in the courses during Spring, Summer (First Half), Fall, and Winter Quarters of their 1st year with the aim to develop necessary academic English skills required to enroll in courses conducted in English. In the Spring Quarter, they will acquire three types of practical skills in each course —reading, writing, and discussion and presentation. In the Summer Quarter, students will further develop academic English skills through a two-week intensive program. During the Fall and Winter Quarters, students will enroll in a writing course for each quarter to focus on developing academic writing skills in English.

Summer Session (only for Japan Students)

From the second half of the Summer Quarter to summer vacation, students will participate in a short-term international study program held at overseas universities for a duration of about 5 to 10 weeks. After being admitted to an Waseda University, each student can select a program from among the options provided, and credits will be given depending on the details of the study and class hours. Students should acquire at least 6 credits during the Summer Session.

Japanese language courses (for Overseas Students only)

Overseas Students begin taking Japanese language courses from their freshman year, and are required to obtain more than 24 credits by graduation.

Optional English

There are two types of courses in this category: Academic Skills (AS), which aim to develop skills to take content courses offered in English, and Intensive Studies (IS), which are content courses offered in English. Both JS and OS are required to take 6 courses (12 credits) of Intensive Studies (IS) courses with the aim to acquire basic knowledge of Japanese culture. JS will take 2 credits in each of the fall and winter quarters of the first year, and 2 credits in the spring quarter of the second year. OS will take 2 credits in each of the fall, winter, and spring quarters of the first year. Students are allowed to take courses in Optional English beyond the required 6 courses.

JCulP Seminars

These courses are designed for a small number of students to actively engage in reading and discussion about a specific topic for the purpose of learning approaches to cultural studies and obtaining perspectives and skills to develop their own field of research. Both Japan and overseas students in the 2nd year and above can select courses from this category to fulfill at least 16 credits. Students also have the option of selecting Semester Seminar courses offered in Transcultural Studies or other Theoretical Configurations.

Research Seminars

Both JS and OS will jointly work on group research and presentations by using English language on specialized fields pursued by the semester group to which they belong. Students will stimulate one another and explore their interests through the process of engaging in thematic research, study retreats, research reports, etc, while furthering their specialty and engaging in creative discussions. JS will take for 2years which is from the 3rd year to the 4th year. OS will take for 2 years which is from Spring Quarter of the 2nd year to Winter Quarter of the 4th year.

Seminar Theses

Students in their 4th year are required to submit a thesis written in English to demonstrate the accomplishment of their specialized studies refined through courses such as JCulP Seminars and Research Group.Students will complete their thesis based on the expertise and creative perspectives developed through each Research Group under the strong mentorship of the faculty member in charge.

Overview of Selected JCulP Seminars

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