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For Prospective Students

Tuition and Aid

Tuition and Fees for the students who enrolled in AY 2020

For new students who enter School of Culture, Media and Society in AY 2020,
the amount of tuition and fees is shown in the table below.

(Units: JPY)

the 1st Year after the 2nd Year
Entrance fee 200,000
Tuition 1,009,000 1,209,000
Library Fee 1,000 1,000
Waseda University Student
Health Promotion Mutual Aid
Association Fee
3,000 3,000
Seminar Fee  *1 0~5,000
Total  *2 1,213,000 1,213,000~1,218,000

*1  Seminar Fee varies in each academic year and the course you belong.

*2  Total varies in each fees (Library Fee, Seminar Fee and and etc.).

*3  The students who belong in Global Studies in Japanese Cultures Program (JCulP) as Japan students are charged the separate fee of the short-term study at an overseas university in the 1st year.

*4  Regular Students in undergraduate school are not required to pay the tuition fee of Japanese Language Courses.

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