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Theoretical Configuration Seminars and Graduation Research

Information on Theoretical Configuration Seminars (Zemi) for AY 2022

This section provides detailed information on Theoretical Configuration Seminars (Zemi) which recruit students in AY 2022.

Theoretical Configuration>Transcultural Studies(JCulP)

Information on Seminar Application(posted on July 12, 2021)

First selection procedure(posted on September 9, 2021)

Tuesday, September 28 – Tuesday, October 5, 17:00
Application period for the first change: October 6(Wed) – October 10 (Sun)

Please check the URL of the application form from the notice sent via MyWaseda on the start date.

Second selection procedure(posted on November 9, 2021)

Tuesday, November 9 – Sunday, November 14, 17:00

Status of first application(posted on October 6, 2021)

◆Status of first application(final)(to be posted on October 15, 2021)

Application for change of Theoretical Configuration Seminars (Zemi)(spring and fall semesters)

Zemi students who have not yet achieved more than 2 zemi credits as of the time of their application for a change are allowed to apply for a change to another zemi. Information about eligibility and the method of application will be announced on the website in mid-June for the spring semester and in mid-December for the fall semester.

Fall Semester: Application Procedure for Changing to Another Seminar or Graduation Research (posted November 25, 2021)

However, please note that in principle, it is preferable for students to stay enrolled in the zemi into which they were placed in the fall semester of the second year for the remaining two years. In other words, this application system does not mean that you can change your zemi without a good reason, and you should apply for a change only after careful consideration.

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