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Global Studies in Japanese Cultures Program

Career Path

It goes without saying that individuals with the ability to present their knowledge about Japanese culture in English are sought after in various globally-oriented professional fields, including the mass media, the information and communications industry, international agencies, governments, NGOs, and other public and non-profit sectors, trading companies, the financial sector, and the tourism industry. Other types of companies also seek individuals with strong communication and negotiation skills who can build their own global network. Studying and interacting with students with different cultural backgrounds as a part of JCulP will ensure the development of such sought-after skills. Regional administrations and public organizations are also desperately seeking opportunities to present information about their regions and activities to the world. Contributing to the creation of new cultural circuits for such organizations is another path open to students graduating from the program. Students may also want to continue pursuing their academic interests in Japanese culture at graduate schools in Japan and overseas, and aspire to become researchers and educators.


The cross-disciplinary education at the School of Culture, Media and Society opens paths to a variety of professional careers. Large numbers of students in the School hope to pursue careers in the mass media after graduation, and approximately 10% of the graduates from the School find employment in this field.

Graduate School

Graduates may apply for the doctoral program after obtaining a masters’ degree. Students may also want to pursue graduate studies in Japanese literature and culture at overseas institutions, including Columbia University, UCLA, and other universities with strong links to Waseda University’s TGU project.

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