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Loan Period for the SUMMER TERM

From July 16 (Fri) to September 9 (Thu), you can borrow books longer than usual.

This rule applies to the Central Library, the Campus Libraries (Takata, Toyama, Science and Engineering, Tokorozawa), the Student Reading Rooms (Political Science and Economics, Law, Education, Commerce & SILS, Social Sciences, Japanese Language, Science and Engineering).


*Please confirm usual rules by “Borrowing Rules


※ About books which have 14 days borrowing period
On August 23, the “Maximum Days of Borrowing with Renewals” will change from 90 days to 42 days (normal), so the “Maximum renewal date” displayed in My Library from the beginning of borrowing may be incorrect.
The initial due date for books borrowed on July 27 is September 25 (60 days after the loan date). And the “Maximum renewal date” of My Library will be displayed as “October 25” (Maximum Days of Borrowing with Renewals: 90 days) until August 22.
However, if you try to renew the due date for books after August 23 (Maximum Days of Borrowing with Renewals: 42 days), you will not be able to renew because it has already been borrowed for 42 days or more. The maximum renewal date will always be count from the loan date.
*Please be noted that you can renew the maximum renewal date for books borrowed on July 27 up to October 21, before August 22. And the initial borrowing period, 60 days as of July 27, will NOT be shorter owing to the end of this consideration of Summer period after August 23.

  • You can confirm the books you are borrowing and renew the due dates by My library of WINE. Please confirm “My Library (WINE User’s Guide)” for details.
  • The students who will graduate or complete programs in September have to return all the books until Friday, September 10.

For Inquiries

  • The Reference Desk of each Campus Library Libraries & Reading Rooms
  • The Department of Users Support, Library (TEL 03-5286-1659)
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