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Proper Use of Electronic Resources

The copyright for all electronic resources (e-resources) and their contents, accessible from the Waseda University Libraries, are inherent to their authors and/or service providers and protected by the copyright laws of Japan as well as the international treaty on copyrighted materials. Access to such resources is limited to the faculty, staff, and students of Waseda University, unless specified otherwise. Users are responsible for adhering to the set regulations, terms, and conditions for making use of each service.
It has been confirmed that a University user violated the rules and conditions of use for the following e-resource contracted by the University.

  • Database Name: OSA Publishing Optics InfoBase
  • Date: 16/6/2021-17/6/2021
  • Detail: Manually accessed 50~60 article abstract in a short time.

With regard to this inappropriate use of service, Waseda University will investigate the cause and continue to provide thorough service guidance so as not to cause the same situation in the future.
If an inappropriate use of the service is confirmed, the service providers may issue a warning and/or suspend services to the entire University, which may have a great impact on our research and educational activities.
Once again, please refer to the following guidelines and user instructions on the Waseda E-resource Portal before using e-resources and continue to be careful to use e-resources properly. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
 User Instructions for E-resources

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