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Waiver for Open Access publication (CUP)

Waseda University has concluded a contract of Read & Publish (RAP)*1 with Cambridge University Press (CUP) since 2020. With this RAP, authors (corresponding author or first author) can publish Open Access (OA) *2 in CUP journals without Open Access publication charge*3. Please refer to the following for details such as conditions of APC waiver.
Please note that a person who is eligible for APC waiver is different from one eligible for other on-campus programs such as the “Support for Academic Paper Publication”.

*1 Read & Publish(RAP)
Read & Publish is a subscription license with which the institution gains access to a publisher’s subscription content and the institution’s faculty are waived for the publisher’s Open Access publication charge. In the CUP contract, the number of OA publications is unrestricted according to RAP.
*2 Open Access (OA)
Open Access is a publishing model which provides electronic content for free and readers can access with no costs. Academic journals serve “Full Open Access” and “Hybrid Open Access”. All articles are published Open Access in the Full Open Access journal. On the other hand, Hybrid Open Access journals allow authors to choose whether they wish to publish OA or not.
*3 Open Access publication charge
There is no submission fee for publishing an article in the Cambridge University Press. However, when authors choose to publish open-access articles on the process of manuscript decision, Open Access publication charge (Article Processing Charge: APC*4) is required.
*4 APC(Article Processing Charge)
APC is a fee which is charged to authors to make an article available open access in a full OA journal or hybrid journal. The CUP contract covers the costs of turning a manuscript into a finished article, as well as the costs of hosting, distributing and promoting an article (excluded translation fee and proofreading fee).

The below contents are subject to change. Please check the following information before submitting your articles.
  • RAP Contract Period *5: March 2020 -December 2022*6
  • Journals for APC waiver*7: Click the link on the left and get the list of the journals.
  • Eligible articles:Articles which Corresponding Author or First Author who register the designated Waseda email submit through the prescribed procedure*8.
    Waseda emails designated for APC waiver have one of the following domains: waseda.jp、aoni.waseda.jp、akane.waseda.jp、asagi.waseda.jp、fuji.waseda.jp、moegi.waseda.jp、ruri.waseda.jp、suou.waseda.jp、toki.waseda.jp
  • APC waiver workflow:First, the author chooses APC waiver after the publication is accepted. Next, Waseda University confirms the “Journal for APC waiver” and “Eligible articles”. All conditions accords with the above and then APC waiver is approved*9. (Referring to the submission process)

*5 The approval process of APC waiver needs to be completed within the contract period of RAP. APC could be refunded if you have paid between Jan and Feb 2020 before the RAP contract period. Please contact us at the address below.
*6 The re-contract of RAP after 2023 is scheduled in the autumn of 2022.
*7 You need to check the list of eligible Journals and Open Access Status before submitting because the list could be updated at any time.
*8 Please make sure to check an individual account of OPRS which each journal designates before submissions. You may be ineligible for APC waiver if you don’t register a Waseda email with one of the domains above for Primary Email Address and Waseda University for Affiliation.
*9 If you use paid options such as exceeding a specified page limit, extra fees will be applied at your expenses.


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