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Temporary closing notice on Oct. 12th and Oct 13th

Due to the approach and passage of Typhoon No. 19 (Super Typhoon Hagibis), Waseda University Library will close all libraries and reading rooms on October 12th and October 13th. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are borrowing books whose due date fall on these days, please refer to the following notices.

  • When you return the books by Tuesday, October 15th, your borrowing privileges will not suspended.
  • When you cannot visit the libraries/reading rooms for returning books for a while, you can renew your loan period using“My Library”in WINE until Tuesday, October 15th. If other users have placed holds to the books, you cannot do this. Please log in to WINE and access to My Library. You can see in “LOANS” tab “Maximum renewal date” in detailed data of the books you are borrowing.
  • When you return the books after Wednesday, October 16th, please consult at circulation desk with the materials before returning them.
  • For books which are kept in holdshelves in the libraries/reading rooms whose expiration date fall on these days, the expiration date have been changed to Monday, October 14th.

Notice on class cancellations, etc. due to Typhoon No. 19 (Super Typhoon Hagibis)

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