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Students participatory exhibition ”It’s my favorite place in the Central Library!! Make the cherry blossoms come into full bloom with your post!”

Date: Apr. 15th (Mon.) Apr. 26th (Fri.)

Venue: Entrance on the Central Library (Near stairs to research collection, 2nd floor)


     Where is your favorite place in the Central Library?


We plan the students participatory exhibition to celebrate completion of Learning Commons area(*) on the second and third floors.


*Learning Commons is an area where you can discuss with friends or classmates and use library materials and computers by individuals.

You can use the area without reservation. We hope youll like that.


There are part 1 and part 2. It takes about five minutes.

Well give you a library original waterproof bag to carry books if you take part in part 2. It will end as soon as all the gifts are out

of stock.


Please visit the Central Library and participate in this event!


Part 1

Please attach a seal on your favorite place in the Central Library map! (There are maps from the second basement floor to the fourth floor.)


Part 2

Please write your comment on cherry blossom-shaped paper and post it to box!


We would appreciate any comments or suggestions about your favorite place and Learning Commons area in the Central Library.

It isnt necessary to write your name and school. Please feel free to join.

We may post your comment on Waseda University Library official social media(Twitter, Facebook). Thank you for your understanding in advance.


Present for you who post your comment to box

Library original waterproof bag to carry books


We will attach cherry blossom-shaped papers written your comments on the cherry tree-shaped exhibition panel at any time.

Please read other comments.

Lets make the cherry blossoms come into full bloom with your post!

We hope that!! Thank you very much for your cooperation!!!!

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