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Request for Questionnaire concerning usage of electronic Journals at Waseda University(3/4~3/22)

At Waseda University Library, from 4th March to 22nd March 2019, we are carrying out the following “Questionnaire concerning the usage of electronic journals at Waseda University” in order to help us determine what our priorities should be (e.g. new contract, maintain contract, discontinue contract) as we build our collection for the future.  The questionnaire takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. We thank you for understanding the importance of the questionnaire and taking the time to complete it.


Most of the electronic journals (e-journals) currently provided at Waseda University are covered by the combined budget of the library and the faculties.
The price of electronic resources has been increasing in recent years, exacerbated by the implementation of a university-wide policy of reducing cost center budgets by 5% per annum compared to the previous year. This has caused difficulties in maintaining the level of electronic resources at Waseda University.
We have been pursuing various means of maintaining and developing the scholarly information infrastructure at Waseda University, and this questionnaire is part of that continuing effort.
We are well aware that you all are extremely busy at this time of the year, but we urge everyone to take the time to participate in the questionnaire.
The questionnaire is here.

The objective of the questionnaire is to contribute to the libraries that support your research and teaching, and eventually to enhance and improve your access to the scholarly informationinfrastructure at Waseda University.

This questionnaire applies to Full-time Faculties, Graduate Students and Undergraduate Students.

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