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OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Meeting 2017 was held at Waseda University


On the general theme “The Smart Library,” the Online Computer Library (OCLC) Asia Pacific Regional Council was held in Waseda University on November 29 and 30, 2017. OCLC is a library community formed from universities and research organizations from all over the world. It is also the biggest bibliographic community which more than 72,000 organizations in 170 countries participate.

Photos and PowerPoint Slides from the meeting

Official Website of OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Meeting 2017

Day 1 (November 29, 2017)

On the first half of day one, Professor Tomoko Kawakami from the Waseda Business School and renowned architect Toyo Ito gave a talk at the meeting. On the second half of the meeting, it was OCLC Vice-president Eric Van Lubeek and Manager Shu-En Tsai turn to hold a talk. The themes of the talks revolve around digital books in contemporary world, re-thinking the library space, connecting regions with global infrastructure etc. At night, Japanese tea ceremony is also presented to the guests by the Japanese tea ceremony club.

Day 2 (November 30, 2017)

President of OCLC Skip Prichard gave a presentation on the theme, “A shared vision for a smarter future.” Using various organizations of different fields as examples, Richard shared how these organizations are speeding up reforms in his sharing. Additionally, he also emphasized the importance of diversity at workplace in his talk. After Prichard ended his talk, Sharon Streams from OLCL Research also gave talks on “Scaling the Impact of Libraries through Learning Network” and “Learning in Public Libraries.” Other speakers of the day include Bill Macnaught from the National Library of New Zealand, Warakk Pattanakiatpong from the Provincial University of Thailand and Axel Kaschte of OCLC.

Axel Kaschte from OCLC

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