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Tokorozawa Library User Guide


Open Hours

Open hours

  • Monday-Friday   9:00-21:00
  • Saturday   9:00-18:00

Vacation period

  • Monday-Friday   9:00-18:00
  • Saturday   9:00-18:00 during the spring vacation period.


  • Sundays and national holidays. (Except some holidays when classes are held)
  • Saturday during the summer & winter vacation periods.
  • University closing days in summer and year-end,  new-year holidays, etc.
  • Waseda University Libraries Calendar

Entering and exiting the library

How to enter the library

  • Library entrance is operated by an automated system requiring a user’s card (Student ID, Faculty and staff ID, and Library card).  If you forget your ID/ library card, you cannot enter the library. You are not permitted to transfer your ID/library card to anyone else.
  • Guest users must show their letter of introduction at the Information Counter and complete the necessary procedure.

How to exit the library

  • You must pass through the book detection system (BDS) when exiting the library.

Nighttime entrance for faculty members

  • Only faculty members and doctoral students who belong to the schools in the Tokorozawa campus are allowed to use the library after the closing hours.
  • Use the nighttime gate in the faculty lobby.
  • Your Faculty/Doctoral student ID card is required.
  • Available area:
    • Academic journals, Foreign books, Yearbooks, Theses, Waseda University Publications (In-library use only)
    • WINE PCs
    • Reading rooms
    • Photocopy machine

Borrowing and returning

Borrowing procedure

  • To borrow books, please bring the books you wish to borrow to the staff at the Check-Out Desk, together with your user card (student/faculty/staff ID, library card).  Borrowing periods and number of books that can be borrowed differ by the user’s status at Waseda University and the library. For more information, please see “Borrowing Rules.”.

Materials restricted to in-library use only:

  • Reference books and yearbooks (with “参老Equot; or “年鑁Equot; labels)
  • Journals
  • Audio-Visual materials, CD-ROM
  • Books with “館冁Equot; labels

Returning procedure

  • Library materials must be brought to the circulation desk by the due date to complete return procedures.
  • Tokorozawa library has a temporary book drop that will be set out every night at closing.  Return procedures will be completed on the next open day.
  • Books borrowed from Central Library, campus libraries, and student reading rooms on Waseda Campus can be returned to any of these libraries.   Return Anywhere Services.
  • For more details, see 

Borrowing, Returning, Renewing, and Holding (For Waseda faculty staff and students only)

InterLibraryLoan (ILL)

  • Tokorozawa library users can borrow other Waseda libraries’ books at Tokorozawa library or get photocopies from other libraries (including non-Waseda libraries.)
  • Users are required to pay for photocopies and postage. Some ILL services are free of charge for Waseda faculty staff and students.
  • For details, see 
    Interlibrary Loans (For Waseda faculty staff and students only)

Closed stacks and Honjo deposit library

Closed stacks in the Tokorozawa Library

  • WINE Location : E-TOKOROZAWA/DEPO-A(3F)-1, DEPO-A(3F)-2,  DEPO-B(3F)
  • Fill in a request form at the counter, and we will bring you the materials as soon as possible.
  • Books can be borrowed; Journals are restricted to in-library use only.

Honjo deposit library (located in Honjo-shi, Saitama-ken)


Book purchase request

  • Waseda University Library accepts requests to purchase books not available at Waseda University Libraries.
  • Responses will be sent by email only if books are purchased.
  • How to request:
    • Online request form:
      MyWaseda (log in)> System Services >Questionnaire >–Library online request
    • Request form at the counter of Tokorozawa library
  • Book recommendation to Tokorozawa library (For faculty staff of School of Human Sciences / Sport Sciences only)
    • When you select books you want the library to hold, fill in a “Book recommendation” application form   and send it to Tokorozawa library.
    • In the case that you want to read the books by yourself, apply for “Book purchase request” instead.

Learning commons



  • Tokorozawa Library, Waseda University
    2-579-15, Mikajima, Tokorozawa-shi,
    Saitama-ken, 359-1192
    TEL: 04-2947-6705  FAX: 04-2947-6802
  • The library entrance is on the 4th floor, Building No. 100, Tokorozawa campus.


  • Access Map (in Japanese)
  • Guide:
    •  The nearest station is Kotesashi station  (Seibu Ikebukuro line):
      30 min. from Ikebukuro sta.;
      40 min. from Takada-no-baba sta. (Seibu Shinjuku line. Transfer at Tokorozawa sta.)
    •  Take the bus to Tokorozawa campus (Seibu bus):
      approx.15 min. from Kotesashi station South gate.
      [小手02] bound for 早稲田大学 (Waseda University.) Bus terminal no.1, Kotesashi station. 200 yen one-way.
    • School buses from Kotesashi station to Tokorozawa campus are available for Waseda university students/faculty/staff ONLY. (free of charge)
    • Walk from the bus stop to Tokorozawa library:
      approx. 7 min from the bus stop of  Waseda university.
    • Please use public transportation to visit the campus.  No parking is available for visitors.
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