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Office Counter Service of Student Affairs Section (Update: May 17, 2021)

May 17, 2021

Student Affairs Section


Office Counter Service of Student Affairs Section (Update: May 17, 2021)


Dear Students,

As per the notice of “Prohibition of Extracurricular Activities under the Declared State of Emergency (May 17, 2021)”, extracurricular activities will be prohibited in principle from May 18 until the declaration of the state of emergency is lifted (except for activities conducted completely online without assembly of circle members), and club rooms, practice rooms, and the Training Center in the Student Center will be closed.

There will be no change in the contact support at the Student Affairs Section Office. Please check the following information for changes related to each facility in the Student Center.

  • In order to reduce the number of opportunities for students to come to campus, we are continuing to accept applications by mail. We would like to ask for your cooperation.
  • Please continue to check the Student Affairs Section website frequently, as we will notify you of any changes in the office opening status depending on the future situation.
  • At the back of this notice, you will find “4. Requests for entering the Student Center”. Please observe the following points when entering the building


1.Student Affairs Section Office

The Student Affairs Section Office is open on shortened hours. The office is opened from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays and closed on weekends and holidays.

It is strongly recommended to submit applications by mail and to contact us by e-mail for questions. Please note that it may take a few days for you to receive a reply. Please contact us at [email protected]

2. Medical Fee Reimbursement System, Student Compensation System (Compensation for Injury, Liability Coverage), Seminar House, and Nursery Center for students (Counter No. 2)

<Application for the Medical Fee Reimbursement, etc. from the Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association>

  • Applications will be accepted during the above office hours, but we recommend that you continue to submit by postal mail. If you are planning to apply for medical benefits, please send your application by mail well in advance so that it arrives by the application deadline. Please check here for the Application deadlines.
  • The office does not lend out any stationery, including writing materials. When applying at the office, please be sure to bring a completed application form (downloadable from the website) or b sure to bring a writing utensil.
  • Please check the website for details on mailing and make sure that all documents are complete and mail.
  • Any changes will be posted on the website as they occur.
  • If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected].


Please note that we may not be able to provide the following services right at the office. Please send an email to [email protected] in advance if you wish to have the procedure done in our office.

  • Submission of accident notification, etc. for the Student Compensation System (Compensation for Injury)
  • Issue a certificate of registration for the Student Compensation Program (Personal Injury Compensation) and the Student Compensation Program (Liability Compensation)
  • Application to use the Nursery Center for students
  • Seminar House (refund of fees, change of reservation details, etc.)


3.Circle Relations (Counter 3)

<About extracurricular activities>

In principle, extracurricular activities including regular practice activities, flyer distribution and other new-welcome activities are prohibited (except for activities conducted completely online without assembly of circle members).

Please cancel or postpone all events for which you have already applied in advance and for which the Student Affairs Section has already given permission (except for activities conducted completely online without assembly of circle members).

Events that are currently under application to the Student Affairs Section (pending approval from the Student Affairs Section) will also be subject to cancellation or postponement. Applications will only be accepted for events that will be conducted completely online without the assembly of circle members.


<Lost and Found>

However, in order to avoid coming to campus as much as possible, please contact [email protected] first to inquire about your lost property. Depending on the date and time of loss, some items may not have been received by the Student Affairs Section, so we recommend that you also contact the “Lost article “.


4.Requests for entering the Student Center

Please observe the following rules when entering the Student Center. If you do not or cannot comply, you may not be allowed to enter.

  • Take your temperature at home before coming to the Student Center (If the temperature is 37.5 degrees or higher, do not come to the museum or go out).
  • Wear a mask and disinfect your hands when entering the building.
  • Act in a way that avoids the “three densities”.


Please be sure to read the “The guideline on using campus and Student Center facilities” below before using the facilities in the Student Center.

-The guideline on using campus and Student Center facilities (*Japanese text only)


<Facilities in the student center etc.>

1)Facilities: Foyer and Lounge on the 2nd floor, Lounge and MTG space on each floor

Only pre-limited desks and seats are available for use in the lounge and other shared facilities during the hours of 8:00 to 20:00. Activities in the corridors and other common spaces in the Student Center will continue to be prohibited.


2)Facilities available for rent at all times: single club room, designated club room for each day of the week, storage room, locker room

It will not be available from Tuesday, May 18 until the Declared State of Emergency is lifted. If you wish to remove your belongings from the club room, please contact the Student Affairs Section in advance (Mail: [email protected]).


3)Reserved Facilities

During the hours of 8:00-20:00, the Information Center will accept reservations for the use of facilities in the Student Center and the Multi-Purpose Sports Hall of Waseda Arena for 1st to 6th period. However, although reservations can be made, the facilities will not be available until the Declared State of Emergency is lifted.


< About the use of the training center>

This service will not be available until the Declared State of Emergency is lifted after May 18 (Tuesday). Registration procedures will also resume after the Declared State of Emergency is lifted.



In case of any inconsistency between the Japanese version and the English version, the Japanese version shall prevail.

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