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わせだ日本語サポート キャリアセンター共催 『2017春学期 第2回 日本で働きたい留学生のための就職活動セミナー・個別相談』

Waseda Nihongo Support and Career Center Joint Seminar Announcement (See below for English announcement.)


下記の日時、場所でキャリアセンターの担当者による「2017春学期第2回 日本で働きたい留学生のための就職活動セミナー・個別相談」を開催します。日本での就職に興味がある人は、ぜひ参加してみてください。


日時: 2017年7月5日(水)12:20~12:50

場所: 22号館3階 WILL

内容: 日本での就職活動の流れ、企業が求める日本語力、夏休みをどう過ごすかなど

言語: 日本語・英語










We are pleased to announce the second seminar and private consultation session for Spring Semester 2017 on job search in Japan for international students. The event is jointly hosted by Waseda Nihongo Support and Waseda University Career Centre. A professional staff member from Career Centre will be talking about basics of job search in Japan in the seminar.


Date:  Wednesday, 5 July 2017 

Time: 12:20-12:50  

Venue: WILL on the 3rd floor of the building 22nd 

Topics covered: Process of job-searching in Japan,

                                  Japanese language skills expected by Japanese companies,

            Preparation during the summer vacation etc.

Language medium: Japanese and English


No registration required for the seminar.

Why don’t you join the seminar bringing your lunch?

Advanced booking for a private consultation session (11 July) can be made at the end of seminar.


For further details on the event, please refer to the following URL:


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