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【Only for student in SPSE, SCMS,SHSS, SOC, SSS・SILS】The APRU Virtual Student Exchange (VSE) Program Academics 2021 Season2参加学生募集

The APRU Virtual Student Exchange (VSE) Program

VSE Program makes international education accessible by allowing students to take academic courses and participate in academic courses as well as co-curricular programs without the need to leave home. This time,it is pleasure to share with you the latest Season 2, 2021-22 – Academics – APRU Virtual Student Exchange ( which are open to students at APRU member universities including Waseda.

It opens up international education opportunities for all students of APRU member universities by providing an immersive virtual student exchange experience through digital technologies and platforms and creating encounters with new ideas and students from around the world. If you wish to enroll in courses, you should fill out the application form(

Please note that this platform which APRU VSE initiates and is not situated as Waseda regular courses. Therefore, classes at Waseda University are given a priority. Please be aware that absences or tardiness in regular Waseda courses due to VSE coursework will not be permitted. This program is being implemented as a pilot program; upon completion of the courses offered by each host university, it will not be possible to transfer credits to Waseda University. Waseda students can participate in classes offered by other universities free of charge, so we encourage all of you to carefully consider your regular obligations at Waseda and participate if your schedule and workload allows. Similarly, if you decide to apply, please also make a plan to ensure that you are able to attend and participate in the VSE course from beginning to end.

Each VSE student could take ONE or TWO academic courses within one VSE Season:

  • Applicants wishing to apply for two courses are required to submit two separate application forms in the VSE Application System.
  • Applicants wishing to apply for two courses are encouraged to select courses from two different course offering universities.
  • Unused course quota(s) cannot be carried forward to future Seasons.
  • Taking more than two courses in one Season is not allowed.

If you have any queries about the application process, please email to:[email protected]
It is also welcomed to contact APRU Waseda team([email protected]) if you want to ask APRU general information.

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