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We have uploaded the below page on January 12, 2018.

Types of university- wide student exchange programs at Waseda

  1. Undergraduate Program
  2. Graduate Program(Master’s/Doctoral)
  3. Japanese Language Program

For the details, please download: Application Requirements and Restrictions

For other information regarding exchange programs, please download: Information Sheet.

Entrance period and program duration

  • Entry: April or September
  • Period: One year or one semester (half year)

Application period and how to apply

  • Application period for April entry: November 1 to 20
  • Application period for September entry: February 1 to March 1

Information about how to apply is available at Application page

Timeline of university-wide student exchange programapplication => study => return home

April entry September entry
1 Home university selects candidates Selection by home university Selection by home university
2 Applicant and home university prepare for application in advance August to October November to January
3 Applicant and home university complete application (online / by post) November 1 to 20 February 1 to March 1
4 Screening at Waseda December and January March to May
5 Waseda announces successful applicants and emails Housing Questionnaire (HQ) Late January Early June
6 Applicant fills in and returns HQ Early February Mid June
7 Waseda mails Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and Certificate of Acceptance(COA) to the home universities Late February Early July
Applicant applies for visa.
8 Waseda University sends notification of dormitory decision Late February Mid July
9 Applicant arrives in Japan Mid March Early to mid September
10 General orientationAcademic orientationCourse registration Late March Mid September
11 Classes start Early April
《Spring semester》:
early April to early August
《Fall semester》:
late September to early February
Late September
《Fall semester》:
late September to early February
《Spring semester》:
early April to early August
12 Return to home country 《One semester program》: Early to mid August
《One year program》:
Early to mid February
《One semester program》:
Early to mid February
《One year program》:
Early to mid August
13 Announcement of grades (students can check their grades via MyWaseda) 《Spring semester》: Early September
《Fall semester》: Early March
14 Waseda mails official transcripts to the home universities 《One semester program》: October
《One year program》:
《One semester program》: May
《One year program》:
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