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Nice to meet you, Ikehashi-lab

2nd grade of master course Xizong Tian

At Ikehashi-lab, research on MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) is carried out. As the name shows, MEMS is a combined system of electronics and mechanics enabled by microfabrication technology. Typical examples of MEMS devices are accelerometers, gyros and pressure sensors embedded in smartphones. In Ikehashi-lab, students are researching on next generation MEMS from design side as well as from application side.

Some of the research themes studied at the lab are:
– Mode localized tilt sensor with ultra-small stiffness spring
– Small-sized and low-resonance-frequency MEMS seismometer using electrically tunable spring and force-balanced system
– Low power voltage generating system utilizing high-Q MEMS resonator
– Negative room pressure monitoring system for in-the-house COVID-19 patient isolation

In Ikehashi-lab, two kinds of meetings are held every week. First one is lab-meeting. Messages and information from Professor Ikehashi will be noticed at this meeting. In second part of this form of meeting, we usually have one member do a formal presentation to all members in our lab. Which means the presentation in this style requires more comprehensible explanation including basics and background, considering all the audience. This is a good way to discuss, communicate with each other and practice the presentation skills. Secondly, there is lab-seminar, which is more flexible and is held as 1-by-1 discussion. In this seminar, we focus on our project progress and the problems. Having this seminar with Professor Ikehashi, we can promote our research as specified phased target with efficiency.

Ikehashi-lab is a relatively new laboratory established just in 2019. Professor Ikehashi is a kind mentor who have rich engineering and research experience about MEMS and get along well with everyone. Our group has four 2nd grade students and six fresh members now. It is very delightful and unforgettable to experience this duration of time, witnessing the lab room get warmer and fill of more laughter and discussion. At weekends, our members always go hiking or cycling to beach or park. In the lab room, we are not only studying or struggling with our research, but more about sharing a journey of life and creating plenty of memories.

If you are interested in MEMS or sensors, welcome to join this journey together.


Welcome Party

hiking together

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