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MATTICE Lukas David

*Completed MA Program in March 2016

1. Why do you choose GSAPS as your career path? What effect you the most to choose GSAPS?

There are two reasons behind the decision I made to continue my education as GSAPS.
First, after having spent a brief time studying in Japan as an undergraduate student, I still had an unsated desire to expand upon my knowledge of Japan and envisioned studying at Waseda University in Tokyo as the next logical step in that journey. Second, the international atmosphere of GSAPS greatly appealed to me; its faculty, students and subject matter embrace people from all walks of life, providing them with boundless opportunities to succeed.

2. How the scholarships help your academic activities?

Receiving a scholarship relieved me of a lot of anxiety over my economic status while studying at GSAPS. I was able to dedicate more time to my coursework and research and the activities organized by the committee that sponsored me opened the door to a large network of personal and professional contacts that I will continue to utilize in the future.

3. How do you get the information of the scholarship?

The office staff at GSAPS was very forthcoming in introducing potential scholarships to all GSAPS students. They were incredibly helpful in clarifying any concerns on my part as well as in assisting with each step of the application process and even beyond. I am grateful for the tremendous effort they put into helping students maximize the most of their time here.

4. Please kindly leave short message for future GSAPS applicants.

GSAPS is more than a place to further your education or career. It is a place where you can form bonds that can potentially last a lifetime. I encourage applicants to make the best of pursuing a fruitful time here at GSAPS and contributing to the continuous effort to support it as a truly international crossroad of excellence.


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