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How to submit a MA thesis (September 2020 completion only)

Students who are expected to complete in September 2020 need to follow irregular procedures for thesis submission.

Please refer to this .


How to submit a MA thesis (September 2020 completion only)

Students need to submit their MA thesis and its summary as data files (no paper copy required).
Follow the procedures below and submit them during the designated period. NO submission after the deadline will be accepted and in that case, you will have to postpone the timing of completion.   Make sure to submit the files well ahead of the deadline to avoid any last minute problems.

・Submission period:10:00, 15 July – 17:00, 17 July
(*Japan time. Please be careful if you are staying outside Japan.)
・How to submit:Data→Waseda Moodle

・Please refer to the check list and tick each item before submission.
・There is no need to fill in the total word count as no paper copies are required this time (if asked by your supervisor, follow their instruction).

【Steps for submission】
1.Check what/how to submit
Confirm well in advance how to prepare the items to submit. In case there are any missing items, your submission will not be accepted. Also, if you fail to follow the submission format requirements, it may affect the evaluation process. It is all students’ responsibility to submit without mistakes.

2. Check with your supervisor
Please check with your supervisor if the content and format of the thesis and summary are adequate and appropriate before submission. The schedule for this process defers depending on each zemi, so consult with your supervisor.

3. Submission of data files
Submit your data files (thesis, summary and “Attestation of Authorship”) by following the guideline below.

【Submission guideline】
1. Log in Waseda Moodle
2. Click「GSAPS Course for MA Thesis Submission」
3. Find the folder named「202009Completion MA Thesis Submission」
4. Upload the data of your thesis, summary and “Attestation of Authorship” to the appropriate folders respectively
Thesis PDF:to「Thesis PDF」
Thesis Word:to「Thesis Word File」
Summary PDF:to「Summary PDF」
Summary Word:to「Summary Word File」
“Attestation of Authorship” PDF:to「”Attestation of Authorship(PDF)”」

※You can re-update/replace the file by the deadline.

4. Format
“Attestation of Authorship” 
Cover of thesis 

※Refer to the website ( for the information on how to prepare (Page Layout・Language/Font/Word Count/Summary)

【Information about the scanner/printer】(Updated on 13th July, 2020)
As for the”Attestation of Authorship(PDF)”, please submit a scanned copy after you sign the document. A digital signature is also acceptable. If you do not have a scanner or a printer, the PC room in the Bldg No.22 is available (the library and the PC room in the Bldg No. 19 are currently unavailable).
Check the website below for further information.

*Attention! There are only 2 scanners available in this PC room. If you are planning to visit there to complete submission, doing it at the last minute is not recommended. Please avoid any potential troubles.


Items to be submitted

Items Copy/Format Where to submit

(Cover of thesis +Thesis )
*Make one file with this order
Student ID number

【Title of File】
Student ID number +-S
※Only the first 8 digits. “-S” is common for all students (standing for summary). No other information (name or date) should be included.
※You cannot resubmit the file, and the Office does not edit the files. Submit them after confirming everything is perfect.
※Make one digital file respectively for thesis and summary.

One file each
To the designated folder on Waseda Moodle
Attestation of Authorship and Check List One file/PDF

(Scanned copy with your signature)*NOT typed

To the designated folder on Waseda Moodle
*A signed original must be submitted later.


Check before submission!

  • The summary has 2 pages.
  • Make one file each for thesis and summary separately.
    Data of thesis: combine “Cover of thesis (designated form)” and “thesis itself” only
    *Files submitted, even ones without the cover or with typos, will be published as they are.
  • The title of the files: Thesis→Student ID number<ex:40XXR001>・Summary →Student ID number-S<ex:40XXR001-S>
  • The name of the data files follow the rules designated on the website.
  • The titles written on the thesis and summary are exactly same. (Upper/lowercase letters/-,; etc)
  • The files have been saved for your own record(As a rule, the Office does not return the data).
  • The title on the cover of thesis is changed from red(sample) to black.
  • The names of supervisor/deputy-supervisor are correct.
  • The deputy-supervisor 1 and 2 are in the designated order (check the notification/bulletin board) .
  • There are NO typos in the title.
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