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ONUKI, Mayuko


Ph.D. (Psychology, University of Southern California)


Research Fellow (2015-2020), Japan International Cooperation Agency, Research Institute.

Research Theme:

Social integration (Intergroup discrimination and reconciliation) in post-conflict societies
Roles of international volunteers in globalizing civil society

Behavioral Science in intervention and measurement designs.

Major Works / Publications Awards:

Major Works:

  • Onuki, M. & Xiao, Y. (2020). Personal Determinants of Volunteering for Former International Volunteers: A Case of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. JICA-Research Institute Working Paper, 201. Tokyo, Japan: JICA Research Institute.


  • Onuki, M. & Komukai, E. (2019). The impact of skills training for ex-combatants and civilians with disability on intergroup reconciliation in Rwanda. In K. Obuchi (Ed.), Understanding Conflicts through Psychology, (pp. 221-243), Tokyo, Japan: Seishin Shobo. (In Japanese. English translation available upon request)


  • Onuki, M. (2018). Measuring the competencies of international volunteers: Key competencies of Japan overseas cooperation volunteers and their perceived volunteer achievements and outcomes. JICA-Research Institute Working Paper, 164. Tokyo, Japan: JICA Research Institute.


  • Lickel, B. & Onuki, M. (2015). Generalization processes in intergroup conflict and collective blame. In S.J. Stroessner & J. W. Sherman (Eds.), Social Perception from Individual to Group, (pp. 197-212), New York, NY: Psychology Press.


  • Urada, D., Rawson, R., & Onuki, M. (2014). Peace building through a substance use conference structured on peace psychology principles. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 20(1), 84-94.

Academic Societies / Service to Society

Academic Societies:

  • International Society for Third-Sector Research
  • Society for Personality and Social Psychology
  • The Japanese Society of Social Psychology
  • The Japanese Psychological Association
  • The Japan Society For International Development

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