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  • Position:Professor
  • Degree
    Ph.D. in History, Murdoch University, Australia
  • Background
    Assistant Prof. and Associate Prof., Kagoshima Univ. (1987-1993)
    Associate Prof. and Professor,Osaka City Univ. Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences (1993-2013)
    Professor, Waseda University, G. S. of Asia-Pacific Studies (2013- present)

Field of Specialization

Ethno-history of Asia, History of International Relations

Research Theme

Ethno-history of Maritime Southeast Asia, Modern History of Asia–Japan Relations

Major Works Publications Awards

Major Works

  • Japanese in Modern Philippine History, Waseda University, Instisute of Asian-pacific studies(2014)
  • A Walk Through War Memories in Southeast Asia, Metro Manila: New Day Publishers (2010)
  • Mindanao Ethnohistory beyond Nations: Maguindanao, Sangir, and Bagobo Societies in East Maritime Southeast Asia, Metro Manila: Ateneo de Manila University Press (2007)


  • The 20th Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Award (2004)

Academic Societies / Service to Society

Academic Societies

Philippine National Historical Society (a member of the international advisory board for The Journal of History),
Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao (UGAT) (Anthropological Association of the Philippines),
Association for Asian Studies, U.S.A.

Research Project

MA: Japan in Asia
PhD: Asia-Japan Relations in Modern History

Research theme, outline of project research seminar, message to prospects

The project research is intended to help students grasp Japan’s relations with Southeast Asia and East Asia in modern history. It attempts to search for a new approach to historical studies beyond modern document-based study. We study a global society from the viewpoint of the following four perspectives: global (world), regional (wider area), national (nation), and local (rural). Also, we try to rewrite a history from the viewpoint of a maritime people.
Please enjoy preparing and writing your thesis, so that I can enjoy reading it.

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