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To avoid getting in trouble

There have been cases in which university students find themselves in various kinds of trouble. Have proper preliminary knowledge and avoid unnecessary trouble so you can have an enjoyable student life. If you find yourself in trouble, don’t try to resolve the problem on your own. Consult consultation services, such asEmergency Contact Information “Gakusei Seikatsu 110.”

Recruitment from cults/political sects

There have been cases in which they recruit people into a cult or political sect after they become close by pretending to be circles or striking up a conversation saying “Would you like to participate in a study session for employment or study abroad?” etc. and obtaining their contact information. ☆ In recent years, some organizations have apparently been recruiting people via SNS (social networking services).

Once you join a cult or political sect, they may control you through shrewd tricks, resulting in you being unable to live your life normally. If you feel suspicious of something, sternly decline any offer. In addition, do not share your personal information even if they ask you to participate in a survey.

Protecting yourself from dangerous recruitment

The most effective measure is to avoid sharing your personal information, such as your address, phone number, and email address. Also, protect yourself from dangerous recruitment by remembering the following points.

  • Always check the name, the representative, and activity details. If they are unclear, it is worth noting.
  • If you feel that information has been manipulated, etc., keep your distance from the organization.
  • If you feel something is not right, even if it’s a small thing, sternly say “No.”
  • Don’t try to resolve the issue on your own. Immediately consult your family, friends/specialist/university, etc.

Fictitious/unjust billing

There have been cases in which they threaten victims through emails/phone calls/postcards, etc. saying “Your usage fee for a website has not been paid. We will bring you to court unless you immediately make the payment,” etc. and make the victims transfer money. ☆ There have also been cases in which they guide victims to inappropriate websites on PCs/mobile sites and unjustly charge fees. Once you pay the fee, you may receive more billing. Due to this, never contact these people or transfer money if you don’t remember using the services they claim.

Theft on campus

There have been cases in which people become victims of theft while they leave their seat or take a nap with their belongings left out in a classroom, library, learning commons, PC room, Student Center, etc. Universities where anyone can freely come and go are open but also have various potential risks. Your belongings can be stolen when you relax for a moment because there are other people around. Be vigilant about self management on a regular basis, such as always keeping your valuables on you and keeping an eye on your belongings.

Exploitative part-time jobs

Some part-time jobs are not suitable for university students. Check the working conditions in advance. In case of trouble, immediately consult the Student Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division. If you find a job through media, such as part-time job information magazines, remember the 7 points to the right and be very careful.

Points to remember before starting a part-time job

  1. Check the working conditions before starting a part-time job
  2. Part-time job wages should be paid in full on the predetermined date every month in principle
  3. Part-time jobs also get paid overtime allowance
  4. If you fulfill the conditions, you can take paid leave even if you are a part-time employee
  5. Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance is available for injuries during work even if you are a part-time employee
  6. The company cannot freely fire you at their convenience even if you are a part-time employee
  7. If you are in trouble, consult a General Labor Consultation Corner

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