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Welcome New Students! ICC Online Student Circle Fair! – Make friends! Have fun! Join a “Waseda Circle”!- (Sep. 15-Oct.15)

Welcome to Waseda!

If you are planning to enjoy your life in Waseda more than just in the classroom… If you want to communicate with international students…

If you don’t know how to join in or get information from numbers of interesting student circles…


We strongly recommend our student circle introduction event, “ICC Circle Fair” which is held every fall semester. This year, it is going to be online.

ICC will set up a special page gathering some of the characteristic student circles of Waseda on our website.

Through reading the interesting introduction articles and watching photos and videos of each circle, we believe that it will be a great opportunity for you to find the circle that fits you best.

Although there are lots of extracurricular activity restrictions this year due to the spread of COVID-19, there are still lots of student circles who are working hard to find their own ways to hold their activities.

If you are interested in any circle, you can contact them through the contact information posted on our website. We promise that you will also have lots of fun watching the different genres of performance and activity videos.

For the students who enrolled in spring and couldn’t have any welcome activities last semester and for those who want to make new memories, it is not too late at all! Please make full use of this chance to find your ideal circle and make new friends.

And to international students! All the circles on our website welcome you!!

It will be the chance for you to find a new friend for life in Japan.

There is still some time before the event starts, but we hope you will enjoy it!

Date & Time

Special page will be released in order on ICC website from Sep. 15th (Tue.), 2020

Page will be accessible until Oct. 15th (Thu.), 2020


All Waseda University Students


Japanese and English (Depending on the circle, information may only be available in Japanese)


Not Required


Waseda University Student Affairs Division

Participating Circles


SILS MUSIC CLUB(シルス ミュージック クラブ)

DOORS-Education Volunteer in Vietnam- (DOORS-日越交流プロジェクト-)

Waseda University Radio Communication Club (WRCC、早稲田大学無線通信研究会)


Sou Kyoku Kennkyukai (Koto’s club、早稲田大学筝曲研究会)

Guitar Club(ギタークラブ)

manga club “Ijikekko”(いじけっ子マンガ集団)

Paddy Fielders’ Tea Party (language exchange)(パディーフィルダーズティーパーティー)

Model United Nations Waseda branch(模擬国連早稲田研究会)

Chinese Language Club(中国語学習会)

Ching-dong music performance club(早稲田ちんどん研究会)

Waseda Mountain Bike Club WFR(早稲田山岳自転車クラブWFR)

Marketing Association(マーケティング研究会)

Waseda Salsa Party(ワセダ・サルサ・パーティー)

Waseda Symphony Orchestra Tokyo(早稲田大学交響楽団)

monster alliance(怪獣同盟)

Waseda American football club REVELS(早稲田大学準体育会アメフト部レブルス)

Waseda International Festival (ワセダ インターナショナル フェスティバル)


NPO “Enjoy Agriculture at Waseda University”(早稲田大学学生NPO農楽塾)

*More circles may be added later.


TEL: 03-5286-3990
E-mail: [email protected]

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