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Waseda Univ. Radio Communication Club ~Hello CQ!~

<What is Radio Communication Club?>

Our main activity is amateur radio operation using the call sign (identification) JH1YDT. We are also doing exhibitions at scientific events, electronics and other activities related to science, electric engineering and radio technology.

Wide range of activities is a major character of our club, compared to radio circles at other universities. You definitely find enjoyable stuff of yours, even if you are not a science and engineering student.

Our establishment was in 2016, but the predecessor dates back to 1971. It is our honor to be inheriting its history and DNA.

<What is Amateur Radio?>

“Wireless Communication as a Hobby”, to put it simply.

Radio waves are used for communication. You produce the radio waves in a chamber in your hand, emit by yourself, and make contacts with friends all over the world. Not only voice communication, but there are various communication methods: it includes Morse code and digital signals using PCs. It is a lot of fun to make experiments and try-and-error to find how to make better communication.

Once you begin, you will be deeply attracted to the large world of amateur radio. Surely you should!

<What is Our Activity?>

Amateur radio competitions called contests are frequently held and we actively participate in them. We are also working to spread the fun of science and wireless technology to children.


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