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SILS MUSIC CLUB ~Sound with No Borders~

SMC is the only circle recognized by the SILS office, consisted of many exchanged students and returnees besides Japanese students!! 

We welcome ALL students, those who have been playing an instrument, those who haven’t and are going to start playing, or even those who aren’t planning to play an instrument but are to just enjoy music in SMC.

Besides monthly gigs, we have seasonal events: Spring & summer camps, Halloween & Christmas parties, and many more.  

Truly, EVERYONE can enjoy SMC in his/her own way!

Possible instruments to play: electronic/acoustic guitar, bass, vocal, drums, keyboards.  

Some play the saxophone, DJ, etc. 


【Basic Information】

  • Club Name: SILS MUSIC CLUB 
  • Type of Official Recognized Club: Officially recognized by the SILS office 
  • Year of Founding: 2008  
  • Genre: Music band club  
  • Activity Date:  Monthly gig + Practicing at studio for the gigs (once in two weeks) + seasonal events  
  • Member Composition: 143   Male:63 Female:80 
  • Including many Exchanges students (around 30) 
  • Location: Live house in Tokyo + Studios in Takdanobaba  
  • Website: 
  • SNS Account or Contacts

    • Twitter: @SILS_MUSIC _CLUB 
    • Instagram: @sils_music_club 
  • Promotion Video: 
  • Annual Schedule 

*We irregularly have no September students welcoming gig due to the COVID-19 virus.  

Nov.    Waseda Festival Gig 

(Following schedule may vary upon the social situation) 

Jan.     New Year Party 

Feb.     February Gig 

Mar.   Graduation Gig + Party 

Apr.    April Freshmen Welcoming Gig 

May    Freshmen Gig 

Jun.     Spring Camp 

Jul.      July Gig 

Aug.     Summer Camp 


Scenes from the gigs


































Senpai will gently teach you how to play an instrument step by step! 













Not only gigs! There are many other events, such as Christmas Party (following picture) 

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