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Interim Waseda Students for Ashinaga ~Working together in extending boundless learning opportunities for the youth of tomorrow~

Waseda X Ashinaga is an interim student chapter of Ashinaga – one of the biggest international non-profit organizations in Japan that champions the pursuit for the higher education of orphaned youth, nurtures vulnerable children through the provision of emotional and psychological support, and bridges students to a myriad of opportunities to harness their potential through overseas training and education. Our purpose as a student chapter is to further the work of Ashinaga from within and beyond Waseda University. We are set to become an official student chapter and initiate activities from the fall of 2021. Our activities will include fund-raising events, digital and physical campaigns to raise awareness, and creating projects that align with our shared initiatives. We welcome anyone with a warm heart, an open mind, a proactive attitude, and an international outlook to join us in jumpstarting the student chapter.


【Basic Information】

  • Club Name: Interim Waseda Students for Ashinaga
  • Type of Club: This Chapter is yet to recognised as official by Waseda University and Ashinaga (Ashinaga will recognise this Chapter as an official one in fall, 2021) 
  •  Year of Founding: This Chapter was created in fall, 2018, but it will remain an interim one until fall, 2021. 
  • Genre: Non-profit Organisation (NPO)
  • Activity Date: Members of the Chapter will mostly meet once a week, although the frequency of the meetings is subjected to change. For example, the group activities and meetings will be ceased during exam season; the frequency of the meeting might also increase when there is an upcoming event/activity. 
  • Member Composition:
    • This Chapter’s members are mostly third-year students from the School of International Liberal Studies (SILS), and are mostly international students.
    • The gender distribution for this Chapter currently is around 6:4 (female: male)
       (We are English friendly and welcome people of all kinds of different backgrounds!) 
    • Location: As of right now, this Chapter’s activities are conducted online. 
  •  SNS Account or Contacts:
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