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Looking for a unique experience? Chindon-ya might be your place!

Waseda Chindon’ya Club seeks to offer an opportunity for all students to experience a Japanese traditional performing art of Chindon’ya.

Past events include amateur contest in Aichi-prefecture and many other local festivals around Tokyo.

We aim to create a community of students who are interested in music, Japanese culture, being a street entertainer, or all above!

Membership is open to students of all majors and grades. No previous experience of music nor previous knowledge of Japanese culture is required.

Feel free to contact us via twitter or Gmail!

【Basic Information】

  • Club Name: Waseda Chindon-ya Club
  • Type of Official Recognized Club: Circle
  • Year of Founding: 2000
  • Genre: Japanese culture
  • Activity Date: Every Wednesday and Friday (subject to change)
  • Member Composition: Total 7(1male, 6ladies. 1freshman, 3juniors, 3seniors. 0 international student)
  • Location: Toyama campus, student center, B1 rehearsal studio
  • Website:
  • SNS Account or Contacts:

Waseda Chindon-ya Introduction ppt(ENG)


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