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Let’s enjoy playing the guitar with us!

The main activity of the Guitar Club (Gitakura) is to hold a concert of classical guitar orchestra.We love the sound of guitar, so this club doesn’t use other installments. Classical guitars are divided into several types.In addition to the standard size “prime guitar”, this club uses instruments such as a slightly smaller “alto guitar”, a slightly larger “bass guitar” and a “contrabass guitar”. We use theclassical guitar, but the music you play isn’t limited to classical music. One of the featuresof Gitakura is that we playnot only authentic classic, but also a wide variety of music, from gentle contemporary to popular. Let’s enjoyplaying together!

【Basic Information】

  • Club Name: Guitar Club
  • Type of Official Recognized Club: Student Union
  • Year of Founding: 1962
  • Genre: Music
  • Activity Date:Twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday), Wed 16:30~19:45, Sat 14:45~18:00
  • Member Composition:Male: 15, Female: 11Third grade: 14, Second grade: 12, International student: 2
  • Location: Student Union Building 11F E1109
  • Website:
  • SNS Account or Contacts:
  • WUGC_info
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