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We have uploaded the below page on January 24, 2018.

Applications for the exchange program must be submitted online and by post.

To apply, please follow the steps listed below. Please be sure to check the procedures carefully, since incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Important information

1.Program overview and application requirements

2.Application Materials

3.Application period (online application and postal application [both types of submission must arrive during the specified period])

  • 《April entry》: November 1 to 20
  • 《September entry》: February 1 to March 1

STEP 1 : Selection of exchange students by your home universityTiming: Varies by university

If you wish to join the exchange program, please check with the staff in charge of study abroad at your home university.

STEP 2 : When you are selected, check the curriculum and decide which program, undergraduate or graduate school or department you wish to study in.

In addition, general information regarding the exchange program can be downloaded from

Checking the curriculum and choosing a program, school and department


  • There are application requirements such as language proficiency and GPA as well as limitations such as entrance periods, grades and departments, so please check these conditions thoroughly before making your selection. Application requirements are strictly enforced: if you do not meet the requirements, you cannot apply.
  • Some schools and departments do not offer classes in English.
  • Wherever there is a choice of departments, please select one.
  • Please confirm the location of the campus of the school where you wish to study. For example, the Tokorozawa and Honjo campuses are located in Saitama Prefecture and the Kitakyushu campus is in Fukuoka Prefecture.

STEP 3 : Preparing your applicationTiming : August to October for April entry; November to January of the following year for September entry

1.Read the online application questions

Please read the online questions before beginning your online application.

Online questions

2.Prepare the required documents

(a) Please check the requirements and prepare the following online application documents, which must be uploaded.

List of Documents to be uploaded for Application for Exchange Program 2018-19 ver.


  • The study plan is considered an important criterion for selection. If your statement of your intended study plan at Waseda is not clear, or if your intention is not in line with the content of the program, school or department that you wish to enter, you might not be selected. Therefore, please examine the curriculum carefully before applying.
  • Regardless of your program period, provide a list of courses for your first semester that you are interested in at the School/Department you are applying to.
  • In cases where a score on a language-proficiency test is a requirement, you are required to take that test and obtain an official score before you apply.

(b) Completion of application for a Certificate of Eligibility(COE)

Those who have no Japanese nationality and no status of residence are required to complete a COE application form, prepare documents concerning defraying expenses.

Completion guide: Application for COE

3.Informal advance agreement of supervisor (required by some graduate schools)

In some graduate schools, the applicant must make a contact with the faculty member by whom the applicant wishes to be supervised and obtain the faculty member’s informal agreement of acceptance before applying.

For more information, please download

Application Requirements and Restrictions

STEP 4 : Online applicationsTiming : November 1 to 20 for April entry; February 1 to March 1 for September entry

During the application period, information must be inputted into the online application form. The URL for the online application will be announced beforehand to the relevant staff in charge at partner universities.

At the same time, the required documents must be uploaded in scanned data form. Data such as mobile phone photographic data are not acceptable. Scans must be clear and legible.

After you have inputted all the information into the Online Application Form, the confirmation screen will appear. The confirmation screen will show all the information that you have entered. Please print out the confirmation screen and the files you have uploaded (Study Plan, etc.) and hand them to your home university’s program coordinator to inform them of your application.

STEP 5 : Send ID photographsTiming : November 1 to 20 for April entry; February 1 to March 1 for September entry [must arrive within the period]


  • Submission of the online application is not the end of the application process.
  • ID photographs must be sent by trackable post through the partner university’s study abroad coordinator. We will not accept direct documents from students.

How to submit Five head-and-shoulder (plain background) color photos (3×4 cm)

Photograph sheet for application

STEP 6 : Screening at Waseda UniversityPeriod : November to January for April entry, March to May for September entry

Screening will be conducted at the relevant undergraduate or graduate school, depending on the application materials received. The screening will take a few months, since a large volume of applications must be processed. We may contact you if there are any missing documents or information.

STEP 7 : Notification of acceptanceTiming : Late January for April entry, early June for September entry

Upon acceptance, Waseda University will send “Notification of Acceptance” emails to the staff in charge at partner universities. At the same time, we will send URL of the “Housing Questionnaire (HQ)”  (regarding residence matters such as dormitory assignment), please fill it in via the specified web form.

The notification of dormitory assignment will be sent in late February for April entry and in mid July for September entry.

STEP 8 : Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and Certificate of Acceptance (COA) are sent to your university by postTiming : Late February for April entry; early July for September entry

COE and COA will be sent to the staff in charge at the partner universities. Please be aware that these documents will not be sent directly to students. Please include these documents with your visa application, which you will submit at your local Japanese embassy or Japanese consulate.

STEP 9 : Coming to JapanTiming : Mid-March for April entry; Early to mid-September for September entry

Please come to Japan on the designated date.
Those who will stay in the dormitory for exchange students can use the pick-up service from Narita Airport.

After arrival, students will attend a general orientation organized by the Center for International Education, register their residence at the ward office, subscribe to national health insurance, open a bank account, attend an academic orientation at their undergraduate or graduate school, and register for their courses before classes start.

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