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Change of Admission policy for English-based degree Program

Along with the curriculum, the application process for admission into the new English-based degree program has also changed.  For the TAISI program, the following types of admissions are available:

Admission options for TAISI program

  1. TAISI Admission for September Entry
  2. TAISI Admission for April Entry
  3. Admission for Domestic Applicants (April Entry)


The main features of our new application process

Feature 1 : Rolling Admissions for TAISI Admission for September Entry applicants

The submission period for September entry applicants have been extended and the School of Social Sciences will now be accepting applications over a six month period from October to April.  This six month period will be divided into 4 application rounds and if an applicant fails in one application round, they are allowed to apply again in the following round.

Feature 2 : Applicants can now apply for April Admission

The new English-based degree program now accepts application for April admission.  April entry for the TAISI program will begin from April 2019.

*Admission for Domestic Applicants, “グローバル入試”, which is mainly for graduates of the Japanese educational system, will also be available. (For more details, please click here *in Japanese only)

Feature 3 : Allowance of Online Interviews

In the past, interviews could only be conducted at designated overseas Waseda-affiliated offices and centers.  Now overseas applicants, who have been asked to undergo an interview, can be interviewed via a SSS-approved online telecommunication system.

Feature 4 : Increase in the Number of Admitted Students

Starting in September 2018, we will increase the number of students that will be admitted to our English-based degree program.  In the first year, we will be admitting 40 students for September admission and in the years following we will be admitting 45 students.  While for April Admissions we will be admitting 15 students.


TAISI Admission for September Entry Overview

Guideline for TAISI Admission for September 2018 Entry

Eligible Students

Students 18 years or older who have acquired a high school degree or its equivalent by the time of enrollment to SSS*
*Eligibility is dependent on academic background, please contact us if you have any questions about eligibility

Number to be admitted

45 students (For September 2018 admission: 40)

How to apply

– Document screening
– Online interview (if deemed necessary)

Application Timeline and Important Dates










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