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MIURA Hideyuki

*Assistant Professor, Kyorin University
*Completed the MA Program in March 2008
*Completed the PhD Program in June 2011

I have been researching on Japanese trade policy under the guidance of Professor Shujiro Urata. The doctoral program at GSAPS provided me a great opportunity to develop not only my research ideas and skills, but also my academic career. I was always struggling to find an originality in my research and to make my research meaningful to global society. My supervisors, Professor Shujiro Urata and Professor Takashi Terada often emphasized the significance of enhancing my international competitiveness by submitting articles to internationally well-known journals or presenting at international conferences. While a PhD student, I had a chance to participate in an exchange program to Warwick University in the U.K. Not only this, I could even conduct fieldwork in various countries and attend international conferences subsidized by the Global Institute of Asian Regional Integration, Waseda University. I am confident that this knowledge will facilitate a seamless and swift journey into my professional career. Finally but not least, fortunately, I could get to know a number of remarkably talented friends whose background is limited not only to Asia but across the world. I am very much looking forward to meeting with those friends on the international stage in the future.


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