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Since the autumn of 2013, all of my days have been associated with the University of Waseda and Japanese culture. Because of the well-coordinated efforts of the GSAPS collective and the well-built system of management, there were no barriers or difficulties in the process of studying. Since the first day in Japan I have got support and warm attitude from the JICE  coordinator, Waseda university, Embassy of the KR in Japan and from my Japanese  and foreign friends. During these two years in Japan I was involved in a friendly Japanese atmosphere and gained a lot of friends as well.
For initially I would like to note the warm and friendly atmosphere of our seminar group led by Professor Y. Katsuma. Under his supervision, I could achieve my goal for which I came to Japan. At the same time I always remember his advice, you must always study hard, but do not forget to enjoy a life in Japan and learn about Japanese culture. That has allowed me to get the warmest and most unforgettable impression of Japan.
When I came in Japan, it was hard not to be impressed by the social order and efficiency of the transport system. The streets are clean, trains run on time, and the people are quiet and polite. Living in Japan, or even just visiting, can be a life-changing experience.
For initially, I would like to note that obtained knowledge and experience in Japan helped me gain self-confidence and the ability to rely only on own strength and capabilities. And politeness, decency, punctuality and the Japanese love for their country forced me to look at Kyrgyzstan from a different prospective. Therefore, I’m pretty sure that my gained knowledge, skills and international experience will be useful and applied to the development of Kyrgyzstan.  Since these two years I deeply studied the international law, also the issues related to the peacebuilding and human rights. But in the process of studying the main focus was done on the issue of “peacebuilding through the education”, in the current context education serves as an instrument. Because education is one of the priority areas of the State and is an indicator of civilized states and the well-being of their citizens, as well as a source of both important social decisions and personal problems. Accordingly, the gained knowledge and experience I would like to apply in the sphere of education and make my own contributions. As well as I’m ready to work in the sphere of diplomacy and international relations. Definitely makes a great contribution for the development of the public service.
In the conclusion, I would like to emphasize that the program JDS is a wonderful platform for Japan’s cooperation with other countries. For developing countries, it provides a unique opportunity for professional development and learn about the Japanese experience of development.

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