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Master's Program

Master’s program is conducted in Japanese. WebPages in Japanese.

Doctoral Program

<Important> The Admission System will change from AY 2022. Written exam will be replaced by the document screening.
Please click here for more information about the changes.
[NOTE] This change does not apply to admissions to be held during AY 2021.

 <Important> Change in Apr., 2022 entrance examination for Doctoral Program
Due to spread of COVID-19. All applicants do NOT need to come to our campus and the entrance examination will be conducted using an online system (e.g. zoom).

Refer here

 <Important> Change in Application Documents for Doctoral Program

(1) Language proficiency certificate (Japanese) <Apply from 2022 Sep Entrance Examination>
This is applied only for applicants who plan to undertake research conducted in Japanese. Please see “Refer here”.

(2) Language proficiency certificate (English) <Apply from 2021 Sep Entrance Examination>
For those who have received a Bachelor degree or Master degree in English do NOT need to submit a Language Proficiency certificate (English).

Refer here

Admission Schedule

Application would be approved when application fee payment, web application and paper application were completely submitted by each deadline.

2021 Sep Entry 2022 Apr Entry
Application fee payment period Apr 1 (Thu) to Apr 8 (Thu) Nov 4 (Thu) to Nov 18 (Thu)
Web application period Apr 1 (Thu) to Apr 7 (Wed) 2021 Nov 11 (Thu) to Nov 17 (Wed) 2021
Paper application period Apr 1 (Thu) to Apr 8 (Thu) 2021 Nov 11 (Thu) to Nov 18 (Thu) 2021
1st Screening (Written Exam) May 22 (Sat) 2021 Jan 27 (Thu) 2022
2nd Screening (Oral Exam) May 23 (Sun) 2021 Jan 28 (Fri) 2022
Announcement of application results May 27 (Thu) 2021 Feb 3 (Thu) 2022
Deadline for the completion of enrollment procedure July 16th (Fri) 2021 Feb 10 (Thu) 2022


Application Documents


Method for payment of the screening fee at convenience stores in Japan PDF Web
Examination Fee Payment by Credit Card, Union Pay, and Alipay PDF Web
Acquisition of Status of Residence “Student” PDF
Application Form for Screening Fee Waver PDF


Application form

Application Guideline
Online Application form URL can be viewed and used to apply only during the WEB application period.
Certificate of payment for the screening fee PDF
Abstract of your Master’s thesis Word PDF
List of research achievements Word PDF
Application for special exemption for GSC Doctoral Applicants Detail PDF
Budget plan for expenses to study in Japan Word PDF
Checklist for submitted documents PDF
Address Label PDF

Research Area

Choose research area at the time of application .
Rsearch Area

Scope of the Examination

Choose two subjects at the time of application.
If you take the writing exam in Japanese, refer here. (only in Japanese)

From 2020 September Entrance Admission, applicants can choose one examination subject from “elective subjects” only case that your first project professor admits any “elective subjects”. (i.e. applicants have to choose at least one exam subject from the “specified subjects”.)

List of examination subjects (2021/4/14 updated)

Please noted that this system does not applied to ” subject test exemption”.

“Corporate Finance” and “Asset Pricing” are added to the research area of “Finance and Insurance” as the examination subject.If you choose “ Finance” ( or alternative subject of Finance) as exemption, you are not able to choose “Corporate Finance” or “Asset Pricing” as the other test subject. Please see below for the details.

In addition, the core course of “Finance” offered by GSC was terminated in AY2017.If the students of Graduate School of Business and Finance choose “ Finance” ( or alternative subject of Finance) as Subject Test Exemption,it is applicable to the students who took it by AY2017.
(You are not able to choose “Finance” as Subject Test Exemption if you take it after AY2018.)

2021 September and 2022 Spring Entrance Admission

Research Area Examination Subject
Management Organizational Management
Strategic Management
Marketing & International Business Marketing
Consumer Behavior
International Business Studies
International Trade
Finance and Insurance Finance
Insurance Theory
Risk Financing
Corporate Finance
Asset Pricing
Accounting Financial Accounting 1
Financial Accounting 2
Management Accounting 1
Management Accounting 2
Theory and Quantitative analysis
Public Policy and History of Economics
Introductory Econometric

Past entrance examination

Please refer to the following link with regard to the past entrance examination questions.

Furthermore, it is possible to view past entrance examination questions in the Graduate School of Commerce office (no copies can be made).

2017.09 2018.04  2018.09 2019.04  2019.09 2020.04

Special exemption for GSC doctoral program

Applicants who earned excellent scores in Core Courses offered by the Waseda GSC MA program or Alternative Core Courses (MA Core Courses) offered by the graduate school of Business and Finance may apply for an exemption from taking required subject tests.
Applicants have the option of choosing to take 1 Subject Test and use the Subject Test Exemption for a single core course.

Applicant Qualification:
1. Applicants must have earned a grade of A+ or A in the appropriate Core Courses offered by the GSC MA program or Alternative Core Courses (MA Core Courses) offered by the graduate school of Business and Finance.
2.  Applicants must also be currently enrolled in the MA programs at GSC or in the MBA programs at Graduate school of Business and Finance or have graduated from 1 of these programs within the past year.

Application Procedure:
Submit the “Application for Special Exemption for GSC Doctoral Applicants”

Core Courses for the GSC MA Program & Alternative Core Courses (MA Core Courses) for the MBA Program:

MBA program, Graduate School of Business and Finance, Waseda University

Non-Degree Program

Non-degree program is conducted  in Japanese.Webpages in Japanese.

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