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Policy and History

The philosophy of the Graduate School of Commerce

The cultivation of real “researchers” and “high level professionals” who will be successful in the global age

The Waseda University Graduate School of Commerce was established in 1951 and is one of the leading graduate schools of commerce in Japan. Over roughly 60 years since its founding, this graduate school has produced a great number of talented human resources active in both Japan and overseas in academic areas and the business world. In addition to the conventional Masters’ and Doctoral Programs, the graduate school established a Professional Degree in 2007 and provides a wide variety of high quality programs as a commerce-related graduate school.
The aim of this graduate school is to give students high level knowledge and skills in all areas related to business and to cultivate human resources to become leaders, equipped with broad vision and correct judgment skills as well as a global perspective. In the world of business, distances are contracting and things are becoming more sophisticated due to the rapid diffusion of information technology. It has become difficult to understand modern society using traditional ways of looking at things and to consider that way of being. Various realms of society are calling out for human resources who can not only consider structure, function and strategy, but who also have general scholarly attainment and creative abilities, and who can use concepts, perspectives, specialist knowledge and skills to discover solutions.
At this Graduate School, we aim to contribute broadly to society by providing educational programs in response to diverse needs and developing human resources equipped with both breadth and depth in their ways of looking at things.


The path of the Graduate School of Commerce

1882 Founding of Waseda University
1904 Founding of the School of Commerce
1920 Founding of the Graduate School of Commerce (old system)
1951 Founding of the Graduate School of Commerce (new Masters’ Program)
1953 Founding of the Graduate School of Commerce (new Doctoral Program)
1998 Establishment of the MBA Program in the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies (GSAPS) – an early precursor of what was already called “Waseda Business School (WBS).”
2002 Establishment of the Master’s Program Project Course in the Graduate School of Commerce (GSC) .
2003 Establishment of the MOT Program in the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies.
The GSAPS MBA Program was certified as a professional graduate school by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT).  This certification continues to the present as part of WBS.
2004 Establishment of the Master’s Program Professional Course in the Graduate School of Commerce.
2007 The two aforementioned programs under GSAPS integrate to form the MBA degree program in the GSC.
2009 Completion of construction of Building 11.
2016 Reorganization of the Graduate School of Commerce.
The MBA degree program known as Waseda Business School (WBS) was spun-off from the GSC and merged with the Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law to form a new graduate school carrying forward the WBS brand name but formally called the Graduate School of Business and Finance.


The Three PoliciesCommerce majors

Policy on awarding degrees (diploma policy)

The Graduate School of Commerce cultivates human resources who can contribute independently in a globalizing society by instructing them in diverse academic knowledge using the comprehensiveness and traditions of Waseda University. In particular, the graduate school strives for the education of students who will be leaders equipped with broad vision and correct judgment skills by carrying out research and education on the high level, specialist academic theories and application of commerce and related fields.

On the Master’s Program, we impart deep scholarship in fields of specialization to cultivate the abilities required by researchers and high level professionals.

On the Doctoral Program, we cultivate students equipped with the abilities and scholarly attainment required to carry out research activities as independent researchers.

Policy on forming and conducting curricula (curriculum policy)

On our Master’s Program and Doctoral Program, we carry out research and provide instruction on commerce broadly and in general while also focusing on one of the 3 courses and 6 specialties of management (management, marketing / international business, and finance / insurance), accounting (accounting) and industry / economics (theory / quantification, public policy / economic history).

The lecture courses are composed so that students can study multiple research methods and form the foundations to prepare a Master’s Thesis by acquiring knowledge from the basic to applied on a field of specialization.

The seminar courses are composed so that students are able to use specialist educational materials from their lectures and acquire the research theme settings and research methods for the preparation of a Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation. In addition, we also play a role as a place for students to refine their research-related intellectual skills through debates between academic staff and students and between students themselves.

In research guidance, academic staff gives individual guidance and advice on the research themes they have chosen, and we also provide forums for students to put together more logical and persuasive research results through debates with fellow students. On the Doctoral Program, students are required to take sufficient time to concentrate completely on their doctoral thesis based on the research guidance of the supervising academic staff member.

Admission policy

In this major, Waseda University welcomes numerous students from Japan and around the world equipped with a high level of basic academic ability, a strong intellectual curiosity, a richly enterprising spirit in accordance with the University’s philosophy, and a passion to learn.

Students admitted to the Master’s Program are required to have basic knowledge equivalent to graduation from an undergraduate school in the commerce area, problem consciousness with regard to the preparation of a Master’s Thesis, and the determination to work sincerely on their research.

Students admitted to the Doctoral Program are required to have specialist knowledge in the commerce area, and to have formed the basic awareness and an attitude towards research methods and research sufficient to execute research as an independent researcher.

Furthermore, we have enhanced all of our systems including the admission upon recommendation system, the pre-emptive taking of Graduate School of Commerce subjects and the early Masters’ Program completion system, etc., in order to expand the acceptance of students from the university’s School of Commerce and take advantage of the features of this traditional Graduate school. Moreover, we are also operating an admission upon recommendation system for other schools at the university. In addition to these, we also accept students equipped with basic academic ability and the capacity to think from inside and outside of the university through increases in the frequency of entrance examinations, etc.

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