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Master’s Program
(Japanese Program)
Aims to help students obtain an open view, a high level of learning, and develop knowledge that is necessary for occupations which require a high level of specialization, and research ability in specialized fields. To complete the program, students must reside in the master’s program for at least 2 years, obtain 32 credits, receive supervision in the field of their study, and pass the thesis and final examinations. Master of Arts in Commerce
Doctoral Program
(Japanese / English Program)
Aims to develop a rich knowledge that will form the basis for the high standard of research ability which is required for conducting independent research activities as a researcher in specialized fields. To obtain the doctoral degree, three years of postgraduate study with guidance is necessary. Students must pass thesis and final examinations, and submit a doctoral dissertation. Doctor of Commerce
Non-Degree Students
(Japanese Program)
May register for a maximum of 14 credits (7 subjects) per semester and of 28 credits (14 subjects) per academic year. Applicants who do not hold valid visa status (except for Temporary Visitor) from the time of application to the time of admission procedures are not eligible to apply. None


Entrance Examination for International Students

The following WebPages are intended to provide rough guidelines for international students considering a study at the Graduate School of Commerce, Waseda University. The information contained in them is subject to change without notice, and applicants are strongly advised to contact [email protected] for detailed up-to-date information.
Admission selection will be based on the result of the examinations with justice and fairness.

1. Master’s Program (Japanese program)
2. Doctoral Program (Japanese / English program)
3. Non-Degree Students (Japanese program)

See also Guide to Admission

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