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Withdrawal and Leave of Absence

In cases of taking time off from school (kyugaku), returning to school (fukugaku) or withdrawing from school (taigaku), please submit the appropriate form.

Tuition and Fees during Leave of Absence

  • A total period of leaves of absence is specified below:
    MA/MBA: a max of two(2)years, or four (4)semester
    Doctorate: a max of three (3)years, or six (6) semesters
  • Request for a leave granted only for a max of one (1) year. To extend the leave period, students need to submit the application from again.
Handling of Tuition and Fees

Students whose applications for leave of absence are submitted by the designated dates (April 30 for Spring Semester, October 31 for Fall Semester) and approved will only incur a registration fee of 50,000 for the applicable semester. Students filing leave applications after these dates will be responsible for the full amount of the semester’s registration fee, tuition fee, and Educational Environment Improvement Fee. Note that approval will NOT be given to applications lodged between June 1 and September 20 (for leave during spring semester of that academic year), or between December 1 and March 31 of the following year (for leave during fall semester of that academic year, or for the full academic year).

* Students going on leave for the semester immediately following their admission to the University must pay the full amount of the semester’s registration fee, tuition fee, and Educational Environment Improvement Fee.
* In addition to the registration fee, students will be responsible for miscellaneous membership fees incurred during their leave.

Leave of Absence for Spring Semester


Leave of Absence for Fall Semester


Application for Leave of Absence (pdf)


Withdrawal from school

1)Voluntary withdrawal

– When a student petitions for voluntary withdrawal, that petition may be granted subject to the approval of the faculty committee, etc. In such a case, the student must submit a completed ‘Withdrawal application (cosigning by a guarantor) ’ along with his/her student ID card.
– Even in the case of leaving in the middle of the semester, the school fees for that semester must be paid (see the following table).


2) Administrative withdrawal

The following cases may be designated ‘administrative withdrawal’ after deliberation by the faculty committee, etc.
1) Cases where the prescribed years of school are over.
2) Cases where research guidance is over (in the case of doctoral program).
3) Cases where the allowable time to fulfill the requirements established by undergraduate or graduate schools,
to proceed to one grade to the next, is over.
4) Cases where the attendance criterion established by undergraduate or graduate school has not been met,
without justifiable reason.
5) Cases where the required number of credits within the prescribed period established by undergraduate or graduate school has not been fulfilled, due to neglect of studies.
6) Cases where the school expenses/fees have not been paid.
In the case of the failure to pay school expenses/fees, the student automatically loses student status; such cases will be regarded as administrative withdrawal, dating from the last day of the last semester in which the school expenses/fees were paid. The school registration and the academic record during the period school expenses/fees were not paid will be declared null and void.


3) Disciplinary withdrawal

Cases of disturbing the order of university or acting in a manner contrary to a student’s duty may be designated disciplinary withdrawal.

Application for Withdrawal (pdf)
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