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The Reduction in Corresponding Author’s Costs Associated with Open-Access Articles(Elsevier)

Waseda University has concluded a contract of “Subscription+Gold OA (Subscription+GOA) “*1 with Elsevier in January 2021. This contract reduces corresponding authors’ cost*3 of publishing Open Access (OA)*2 in OA journals published by Elsevier. Please refer to the following for details such as application conditions.
Please note that a person eligible for APC discount is different from one eligible for other on-campus programs such as the “Support for Academic Paper Publication“.

*1 Subscription+Gold OA(Subscription+GOA)
“Subscription+Gold OA” is a contract model which includes access fees (subscription fees) to academic journals and a part of the corresponding authors’ cost when publishing OA articles in academic journals. As academic institutions such as universities comprehensively pay fees when concluding the contract, the corresponding authors’ cost of publishing OA articles is discounted. The number of OA publications which are eligible for discounts under the contract is unlimited.
*2Open Access(OA)
Open Access is a publishing model which provides electronic content for free, and readers can access it at no cost. Academic journals offer “Full Open Access” and “Hybrid Open Access”. In particular, OA provided by publishers is called “Gold Open Access (GOA)”.
*3 Open Access publication charge
When authors want to publish open-access articles, an Open Access publication charge (Article Processing Charge: APC*4) is required. There are no other costs associated with submitting articles to Elsevier journals.
*4APC(Article Processing Charge)
APC is a fee charged to authors to make an article available open access in a full OA journal or hybrid journal.

The following contents are subject to change. Please check the following information before submitting your articles.
  • Contract Period*5: 1st Jan. 2021 – 31st Dec. 2023
  • Eligibility: Corresponding Authors with email addresses with the designated domains below
    Designated Domains:waseda.jp、aoni.waseda.jp、akane.waseda.jp、asagi.waseda.jp、fuji.waseda.jp、moegi.waseda.jp、ruri.waseda.jp、suou.waseda.jp、toki.waseda.jp
  • Eligible Journals*6: Please obtain the list of journals eligible for APC discount on the left.
  • Eligible Articles: Articles completed by Corresponding Author at Waseda University following the prescribed procedure*7.
  • APC Discount Rate
    2021 2022 2023
    (1)Cell Press / Lancet 10% TBD TBD
    (2)Except the above. 15% TBD TBD

    If the total number of OA articles published by Waseda University during the year before last is 40 or more, (1)15% and (2)20% discount. The rate will be updated as soon as determined.

  • APC Discount Flow: After the publication is confirmed*9, the corresponding author selects the OA publishing option and applies for the APC discount according to the prescribed procedure*7. The university verifies “Eligible Journals” and “Eligible Articles” above and then approves APC discount request.

*5 For APC discount, the “article submission date” must be within the contract period. The contract model after January 2024 is undecided.
*6 The eligible journal list is subject to change at any time.
*7 Please refer to “Elsevier APC Discount Guide at Waseda University” for the prescribed procedure. Applications that do not follow the guide may not be eligible for the APC discount even if they meet the requirements of the above “Eligible Journal” and “Eligible Articles.” Be sure to check your personal account settings in Editorial Manager before submitting articles.
*8 10% discount in the case of Cell Press and Lancet journals (15% discount if the total number of OA articles published by Waseda University during the year before last is 40 or more.)
*9 You cannot cancel publishing after the journal accepts the article for publication even if the APC discount is rejected. You should be sure to check the Agreement presented by Elsevier during the online procedure before publishing your articles. However, you can switch from OA publishing to regular publishing (with no publishing costs) if the journal you are posting to is a “hybrid OA journal”.


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