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Core Strategies of Waseda

12. Establishment of a Progressive University Structure

Throughout the more than 130 years since its founding, Waseda University has continued to evolve as a center of learning. As we move forward, we aim to constantly and autonomously transform and evolve as a university by building a system that leverages Waseda’s unique traits and enables us to continue reforming even when the members that compose our university change.

Purpose and aim

To meet the demands of society is an important mission that is assigned to universities, but to pioneer the future and lead society in the right direction is also a part of our mission. It is also vital that Waseda University make its affairs transparent—including its educational content, research, and social contributions as well as its managerial and administrative affairs—and clarify the direction in which the university is heading. We aim to do this by not only conducting internal evaluations, but also introducing an external evaluation system. By focusing on the future of the planet and human society, we must constantly remain aware of our relationship with the rest of society and organize its diverse range of knowledge and wisdom. To this end, it is essential that we develop new perspectives and new ways of thinking by promoting the participation of female faculty members as well as faculty members from other countries in educational, research, and management activities. Through these measures, we aim to establish an organizational framework for governance and compliance that will promote dynamism as an institution of higher education that pioneers the future.

In addition, we will establish a system that is intended to enable the university to contribute to efforts against earthquakes and other natural disasters that could trigger a crisis for the entire country, such as the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Reform points

  1. Consider establishing a higher education research institute (University Comprehensive Research Center [provisional name]) in charge of conducting comprehensive analyses for matters such as education reform, the promotion of faculty development (FD), the creation of new academic fields, university management, and IT analysis.
  2. Promote organizational reform without being constrained by the existing frameworks of undergraduate and graduate schools. Reform the organizational framework of the university’s administrative offices to enable rapid decision-making in cooperation with the “Project to Discuss University Governance.”
  3. For every project, create an evaluation system, enhance the project quality, and publish the evaluation results.
  4. Enhance the social credibility of the university and create a global brand value by disseminating information strategically.
  5. Strengthen governance to build an organizational framework that helps the university continue to evolve.
  6. Promote diversity by encouraging the participation of female and international members of the faculty and staff.
  7. Build an organizational framework that enables the university to contribute to efforts against future large-scale natural disasters, including earthquakes.

Shigenobu Okuma giving a lecture on “Women’s Education in the New Era”

Related projects

  • Project to Reform the Organizational Structure of the University’s Faculty and Administration
  • Project to Establish the PDCA System in the University Administration and Organizational Activities
  • Project to Promote University-Wide Strategic Public Relations
  • Project to Discuss University Governance
  • Project to Create Diversified University Communities
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